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I love each and every Valentine given to me. I staple them to a long ribbon and attach the ribbon to a foam heart programmed with the year. Each year I display the cards. It's so much fun for brother and sisters to see cards their older siblings gave me.



I used foil and cut out kisses candy shapes and then had each child estimate how many kisses tall they were. I charted their height.


One of my moms made this adorable snack perfect for our party. She used donut holes, strawberries on an arrow stick.

Valentine Candy Experiment

We dropped some candies in water, vinegar, and soda. We watched the changes over about 20 minutes. It was interesting that only some colors floated and the most chnages happened in water. We drew the results.

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We made this as a card for our parents. There is a poem in the center and then the children decorated it with hearts and stickers. They traced and cut out their hands and glued them on the end to make a "hug".


Our class's Valentine card bags. Accordion folded arms and legs with a large heart for the body, a lace heart center body, and a small red heart for the head. Glue completed Valentine girl/boy to bag and add a handle if desired.


Feathers decorate these hearts.


From Mrs. B's room - these were easy to make and oh so cute! Foam shaped heart stickers and a marker to draw a smiling face.


These symmetrical hearts from Mrs. B's room were made by putting some paint on one half of a heart shape, folding the heart shape and smooshing the paint. The words on the red construction paper is our Bible quote of the week.


We cut out a large black shape heart and added yellow construction paper to make the stripes. A yellow circle for the head, and wax paper heart wings. We added our picture to the yellow circle head and finished it all off with antennae.


We spent all morning cutting up scrap construction paper into small pieces to make out heart mosaics. They turned out really nice.


Using a rubber band paint brush or a kitchen dish sponge (the kind with lotsa individual sponges - these can be purchased fro Lakeshore) and 3 colors of paint - red, pink, and white. Dip paint brush in each color and gently pat paper. Effect is marbleized art!



We practices pouring using red hots. Of course the best part was eating one afterwards!



We made a flip book of who we love. Under each flap the child has drawn a picture of who they love. I took dictation on why they love that person.



We sorted conversation hearts by color and then used the work sheet to record the data. And of course we got to eat one when finished!


Children count the number of beads on each heart and then put them in numeric order.


We estimated how many conversational hearts would fit inside our drawn heart. Then we counted them to find the actual number.


Science project- placed a white daisy in red food coloring.


Our class uses the plastic baby wipe boxes.
Our kids decorate them with stickers and we glue the child's picture on them.

I found a game played like "Seven Up".  You have 7 decorative hearts that you pass out instead of pushing thumbs down.  When ready you say, "Who would be so nice to give me this valentine?"  Very cute.  My K's loved it every year.

Cut a dark blue square to 
fit the bottom half the width of the bag.  Top that with a red half 
circle the same width has the square.  Put a narrow white rectangle 
int the middle between the red and blue.  You can write U S Post 
Office or their names on this white strip.  You can also use hearts 
etc to add embellishments if you want.  Also be sure you have the 
children turn the bag so they don't glue the stuff on the folded flap 
side of the bag.  It won't stand up if they do.  This is a very fast 
and easy project for the kiddos to do.

Last year I had each child bring in an empy milk container.  I cut a large hole at the top, leaving the handle, and punched holes around the edge. 
We threaded left over Christmas ribbon in the holes to decorate the bottle.  I also had them use glitter glue but that peeled off the plastic once it was 
dry.  The containers were wonderful because they were easy to set on the counters or on the floor.  They kept the valentine's and treats safe and dry on the 
bus going home.  Also, with the handle they were easy to carry. 

Fold blue 12X18 in thirds. Cut the flap of the "mailbag" into a point.
Use a hole puncher to punch holes into the  sides. 
Have the children sew up the sides with white yarn.  Use sufficient yarn so 
that there is enough to allow for a shoulder strap. ( To hold it together more 
sturdily- I recommend that you staple the sides inspite of the fact that the 
mailbags are "sewn".
Have the children copy the words US MAIL with red crayon or marker. They 
could try to draw an eagle.

Mail truck:  Fold white sheet of paper end to end.  Fold will be at the bottom.   Cut off right corner for windshield.  Staple sides.  Glue blue construction paper strip that is cut the width of bottom of windshield to the bottom at the fold.  Glue a one inch red strip to the top of the blue one.  Cut two red circles for wheels.  Glue half on and half off bottom.  Write U.S. Mail in white area at the top. I write with a red marker or kids can.   Let kids decorate with hearts anywhere they like.  Punch holes at top of each side and put yarn for hanging.  Really, really cute!!!!!!!!!

This Valentine's Day display is as sweet as can be! Glue lace trim to a large red heart shape, and then mount the heart and a title on a wall. To make delicious-looking chocolates, provide each child with a personalized, tan construction paper shape. Have him paint his paper with brown tempera paint and top it with real chocolate sprinkles. When each shape is dry, glue it to a larger piece of crinkled black paper to represent the candy wrapper. Mount the finished projects on the heart.

We read the Valentine Bears by Eve Bunting and then make these teddy bear pancakes.
Pancake batter, metal teddy bear shaped cookie cutter, hot plate, small knife, sugar, cinnamon, and strawberry jam. Mix up the pancake batter as you usually would, then place the cookie cutter on the pan and fill up with batter. Let it cook until the batter is firm enough to remove the cutter. Then flip and cook until done. Sprinkle lightly with sugar and cinnamon. Then with a small paring knife, cut a small heart from each bear cake. Then spoon in strawberry jam into the heart. Enjoy!!

Submitted by Kathy
5 little valentines from the grocery store
I sent 1 to mother, now there are 4
4 little valentines pretty ones to see
I gave one to my brother now there are3
3 little valentines red, yellow and blue
I gave one to my sister now there are 2
2 little valentines , my we have fun
I gave one to Daddy, now there is 1
1 little valentine, the story is almost done
I gave it to mother, now there are none

Materials Needed:
Empty box from heart shaped message candy
Photo of student
magnetic tape
Empty the candy from inside of the box (share it with your favorite sweetheart!) Attach the child's picture to the inside of the box (so that it is framed by the heart on the front of the box.) Attach magnetic tape to the back of the box. And there you have a cute Valentine keepsake that parents will love to put on their refrigerators!

Heart Of Grass
Trace around a heart shaped cookie cutter onto a new sponge, then cut out
shape.  Rinse the sponge well to remove any pretreated disinfectant, then
dry.  Dampen the sponge slightly, then put it inside the cookie cutter.
Sprinkle grass seed onto the sponge, spritz with a plant mister, then cover
with plastic wrap.  Place the heart on a saucer so dampness won't seep
through.  Don't forget to add care instructions.  Remove plastic wrap when
shoots appear. Spritz with water daily. "Mow" as necessary.

I cut out large heart shapes from pastel paper and write messages on
each one just like the candy conversation hearts. Then we play Bingo
(I use a set of alphabet cards for letter recognition). Use
conversation heart candy as markers. The children love to eat them
after they "Bingo"!

(sung to the tune of
“He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”)
Wave your valentine
In the air.
Wave your valentine
In the air.
Wave your valentine
In the air.
Wave your valentine in the air.
Put your valentine
On your [nose].
Put your valentine
On your [nose].
Put your valentine
On your [nose].
Put your valentine on your [nose].
Repeat the last verse, replacing the underlined word with other body part words in turn, such as head, arm, and foot.

Submitted by Marilyn
This is a very cute song for Valentine's day or any other day throughout the
year.  I think I will also use it at our 3's graduation in June. :)

Love is a circle,
Round and round (make a circling motion with arm)
Love goes up,  (raise arms up)
And Love comes down, (lower arms)
Love is on the inside, (pull hands inward towards chest)
Trying to get out, (pull hands away from chest)
Love is whirling and twirling about!  (move hands in a spinning motion)

The children enjoy this alot.

We plan to estimate "Red Hot Hearts" to see which jar they think has 100 red
hots in it ... Jar A, B, or C.  Each child will complete a "recording sheet"
to tell which jar they guessed and then (after counting the red hots) which
jar actually had the 100 red hots in it.  This could also be done with the
Valentine heart candies.

You'll need a roll of refrigerated sugar cookie dough, an egg
yolk,red food coloring and decorations.Place the cookie dough in the
freezer for 30 minutes. Beat the egg yolk in a small bowl and add 10
drops of red food coloring.
Cut the chilled dough into ¼ inch slices.  Place 2 inches apart on
ungreased cookie sheets.  Dip thumb or index finger in egg mixture to
generously coat with color.  Press finger onto each slice of dough at
an angle twice to make a heart shape.  Sprinkle with red sugar, or
other decorations.
Bake for 7-11 minutes at 350 degrees. When cookies are completely
cool, you can use red frosting or gel to write names or messages on
your cookies around the heart!

Cut out the center of a paper plate./large piece of card. Use a cookie cutter(thick card,cut into hearts) to trace
heart shapes onto wrapping paper or wallpaper, and cut out. You can also cut out heart shapes from red, pink and white construction paper. Glue the hearts to the paper plate with rubber cement, or a glue stick. You can also add glitter, confetti, or ribbon.

Submitted by Lisa
Red Valentines
One red valentine says I love you
_______made another and then there were two
Two red valentines, one just for me
________made another, then there were three
Three red valentines we need one more
_______made another, then there were four
Four red valentines, well sakes alive!
________made another and then there were five
Five red valentines, made just today,
Be my valentine is what they say!

Three Valentines
(sing to Mary had a little lamb)

Three valentines I have for you
Have for you, have for you,
Three valentines I have for you
Pink and red and blue

I'll put them in the mail for you
Mail for you, mail for you,
I'll put them in the mail for you
Pink and red and blue

Counting Valentines
Andy has 6 red valentines (place on board)
He gave 3 away to his friends (take 3 away)
How many does he have left? (wait for answer)
Andy sent 1 to his grandma (remove 1)
How many does he have left? (wait)
Andy gave 1 valentine to me (remove 1)
Now how many does he have left? (wait)
Andy's teacher gave him a valentine (add 1)
How many does he have now? (wait)
The next day, Andy went to school
He found 4 valentines on his desk (add 4)
Count Andy's valentines to see how many he has now!
(all count)
Yes, Andy has 6 valentines, he had a happy valentines

Submitted by Sue
Five Little Valentines
Five little valentines were having a race
The first little valentine was frilly with lace (hold up one finger)
The second little valentine had a funny face (hold up two fingers)
The third little valentine said, "I love you" (hold up three fingers)
The fourth little valentine said, "I do too" (hold up four fingers)
The fifth little valentine was sly as a fox (hold up five fingers)
He ran the fastest to the valentine box (make five fingers run behind back)

Submitted by Susan
I always make a post office center from our puppet theatre/store front at this time of year.  I include old cancelled stamps, stickers, pens, pencils, a small scale, envelopes (lots and lots) paper, paper clips, clipboards, a telephone, junk mail, small baskets, a few date stamps, and whatever else I can think of.  The kids love playing here.

At the writing table I put a list of children's names with their pictures for easy identification.  Lots of envelopes again, the words "I Love You" "Valentine" "Mom" "Dad" ETC mounted on the wall, paper in trays, an assortment of colored pens/markers, old cards, scissors, stickers AND I have an old wooden soda bottle holder (with 12 small squares) I put up on it's long end and put some identifying mark (name, picture, symbol) in each square.  This is a mini mailbox to mail valentines to each other.

We make a special valentine for mom and dad with glitter, sequins, feathers, all the fancy stuff, and then put in an envelope.  We then walk to the post office (very close by) and mail them just before VDay.  We also get a tour at this time.  (I live in a very small rural town, so this is a great resource and opportunity for us)

At circle, we sing "Skinnamarink" at this time every year, and "You are My Sunshine."  We have "partner chats" where two by two the kids have mini-discussions (one minute or so) with each other, then they each report back to the group what they learned.  At V. Day, I ask them to talk about someone they love.  Afterwards, Mitch would say "Grace loves her dog because she gives her kisses" and Grace would say "Mitch loves his mom because she reads him stories."  This is a great activity!  Social, emotional, literacy....

Valentine Fish
Each child will need one very large heart, one large heart, three middle
sized hearts, and one little one. The very large heart becomes the body.
The large heart becomes the tail. The middle sized hearts become the fins on
top of the very large heart. The little heart becomes the lips of the fish.
These "Valentine Fish" make a great  classroom display.

Class Love Book
As a small group activity, encourage the children think of someone that
they love. Students will draw these people on large sheets of construction
paper. Bind the collective the art work and make a cover with the title, "Our
Class Love Book". Display the class "Love Book" in the book or reading area. Visitors will
enjoy seeing the collection.

Submitted by LauraMarie
clear contact paper
tissue paper squares of pink, red, gold, silver
various valentine glitter
construction paper folded in half with a heart shape cut out of the middle

Child places glitter and tissue paper on sticky side of contact paper.  Fold over to seal. Place inside construction paper "frame".  I punch a hole in top and child puts ribbon through hole.  We hang them in the windows and  they  look great.

Reinforce graphing skills with a valentine flair! For each child, program a
simple graph with a color word for each color of heart found in a bag of
candy hearts. Give each child a small number of candy hearts. Have each
child sort and graph her candies according to color, then color a space for
each heart of a particular color. To help visually cue nonreaders, add extra
space below the color words in which to provide a color-coded heart.

Submitted by Shirley
A Valentine
Valentine, Valentine, I made a little Valentine.
I wore my little Valentine and I heard some people say,
"A Valentine, a Valentine, what  a pretty little Valentine.  I hope that you remember that it is Valentine's Day!"

Submitted by AMDA830
Hi everyone, Did a cute valentine bulletin board which I got from Mailbox a  few years ago.  Cut out a very large red heart, cover with doilies.  Then cut  out brown pieces of paper in the shape of different candies.  Had the  children glue on chocolate sprinkles.  Then I cut out in black a scalloped  border for each piece of candy to resemble the papers in the candy box.
 Staple them in the middle of the heart and head it with "We Are As Sweet As  Candy"  The kids had fun making the candy.

Submitted by Maureen Myers, Hamden, Ct
Valentine/Friendship Shirts
We have our children bring in white t-shirts. We draw a big red heart on the
shirt and write our special friends.  Each child then makes their thumbprint
inside of the heart, if they can write their name we let them. They come out
so cute, parents and kids love them.

Submitted by Diane
I traced a large heart which they cut out.  We then used squeeze bottles and had them drizzle red and white paint on one side, fold it over and they loved their creations when they opened it up.  I then mounted them on red paper, added a little bow and they are a great door decoration. Today we cut out three size hearts, small, medium and large.  Talked about the different sizes.  I made 3" strips with a pipe cleaner hanger on top and they glued their heart in size order.  Again, very simple but great for the threes.  On Monday, I intend  to have them paint on bubble wrap with red paint and press it on a piece of white or pink.  After it dries, we'll cut out a large heart.

 Valentine Flannel Stories
Submitted by Jan
Valentine Rhyme
Five valentines at the corner store
Five valentines; whom are they for?
Along came (child's name) with a penny to pay
He/she bought a (child says color) for (child names another child in the room)
Then he/she went away

Before chanting the rhyme put 5 different colored valentine hearts on a flannelboard.  As the rhyme is chanted each child chooses one valentine from the flannelboard and gives it to one of their friends.  Keep chanting the rhyme until all are gone then chant these last two lines yourself.
No more valentines at the corner store
"All sold out," says the sign on the door
What can you do to show you care?
When at the store, the shelves are bare?

If you have no flannelboard, you can mount hearts on craft sticks for puppet
Elaine's Valentine's - Flannelboard Story
Flannel Pieces Needed:A little girl, A tree, A cat, A kitten, A cupid, A bird, A squirrel
It was Valentine's Day and Cupid was dancing his way through the woods. Cupid, you know is like a baby angel, with snowy white wings and curly hair.
He always carries a little bow and some arrows.  As he came out of the woods,he met a cat.  "Good day Mrs. Cat," said Cupid.  "Have you sent a< valentineyet?"  "A valentine!  What is that?"  asked Mrs. Cat in surprise.  "It is something you send someone you love.  It is Valentine's Day.  Everyone in the world is sending valentines."  And then little Cupid shot an arrow into theair, and was about to run after it, but Mrs. Cat cried, "Wait a minute, pretty Cupid, will you not help me?"  "I'm sorry," smiled Cupid, "But I only put thoughts into people's hearts, and they do the rest.  But I will write some verses for you and leave them by this tree."  And with that he spread his wings and flew away.  "There's no one I love better than little Elaine, and she's sick," said Mrs. Cat.  "I believe I will send her something."  She turned to go back to the barn when she met a squirrel.  "Good day Mrs. Cat," squirrel said.  "Where are you going?"  "To find a valentine for sick little Elaine," answered Mrs. Cat.  "There's no one I love better than little Elaine," said the squirrel, "I will go with you."  So Mrs. Cat and the squirrel went along together.  "Hello," said a bird.  "Where are you going?""Oh, we are going to find a valentine for Elaine.  She is very sick," said the squirrel and Mrs. Cat.  "Oh, may I go with you?  There is no one I love better than little Elaine," said the bird.  "Oh yes," replied the squirrel and Mrs. Cat.  So Mrs. Cat and the squirrel and the bird walked along together.  The three friends finally reached the barn.  Mrs. Cat quickly ran up the stairs to the loft.  Tiny "meow" sounds were coming from under the hay.  Mrs. Cat gently picked up a tiny kitten from under the hay.  "You are going to be Elaine's valentine present," said Mrs. Cat.  She will love you so much!" "What will I give Elaine?" said the squirrel.  "You can carry the valentine verse that Cupid will leave us on the tree," said Mrs. Cat.  "And what about me? said the bird.  "What will I give Elaine?"  "You will sing her a song," said Mrs. Cat.  The three friends arrived at the tree, found the note that Cupid had left and walked along to Elaine's house.  Elaine opened her eyes and found the tiny gray kitten from Mrs. Cat, heard the beautiful music from the bird, and found the verse from the squirrel:
Little friend, so kind and true
These valentines we send to you
Our very dearest love to tell
We hope you will soon be well
Elaine picked up the kitten and hugged it and the kitten said, "Meow."

Post Office Activity for Valentine's Day
Submitted by Marilyn
I will be taking my class of 3's/4's to the post office.  We have coordinated this particular trip with Valentine's Day.  We have set up a post office in the classroom with a desk, real old phone, a working typewriter, old envelopes, clipboard and paper, pencils, maps, American Flag.  The children have painted "their" mail box and every day they put mail into it and someone takes it out and carries it in a pouch to another painted mailbox at the other side of the room.  We asked a postman for an old shirt and hat, too.
As an art activity, I had different house shapes and the children water colored them.  Then I wrote their names in large letters on top, along with some numbers.  (Rachel    1`23).  I then did the same on white envelopes. I contact papered all the houses and put them up on the wall at a low level.  At circle time, I take out an envelope and see if the child can recognize any letters in their name.  Then they walk to "their painted house" (I made a large slit in the center) and deliver their envelope to their house.  Later, after circle, I have all the envelopes out on a table for the children to do a one-on one match game of name/number/house.  They love it.
We made mail pouches for our valentine cards by using two styrofoam dinner plates.  I use one whole one and cut another in half.  Then staple around the edges to make a pocket.  Make two hole on top and put yarn through to make a strap.  The children then collaged with red, pink, purple paper.
We are not just focusing on Valentine's day, but we are talking about neighborhoods and people in our community.  I am tying in the fact that the postman brings the valentine's cards. We will make our own and then mail them on the trip to the post office.  I have been saving all odd shaped boxes and have covered them with brown wrapping paper.  The children will then glue and decorate them on a large piece of cardboard as a group activity.  This will be "our neighborhood".  We will add paper towel rolls, small boxes, chunks of wood and just about anything that will add to the interest.  This is their interpretation of what a neighborhood is.  We have used old roadmaps to cover the tables and little matchbox cars.  We also have available the play mats with road ways for the floor play.
House and Homes   Ann Morris
The House I Live In      Isadore Seltzer
This is My House   Arthur Dorros
One Afternoon        Yumi Heo
My Perfect Neighborhood     Leah Komaiko

Valentine's Day Snack
Submitted by Laura
Make rice crispy squares following the directions on the box.  Add red food coloring.  Cut square pieces of foil and tape valentine messages to the corner of each piece of foil.  Push the rice crispy mix into a greased funnel.  Any size will do.  Wrap each kiss in the foil with the message hanging out.  You have yourself  Valentine's Day Kisses.  It was so cute.    You have to try it.


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