This has been made with two file folders and some left over boarder. Super easy to make.
Open 2 folders and tape the ends together. Cut a window and decorate front of stage as desired. Laminate. The 22 sides of each file folder keep it standing.

I taped a couple of index cards to inside to hold the puppets. I just googled some images from our favorite books and taped them to popsicle sticks to make the puppets.

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Sing the favorite song and roll a block or just choose one with a farm animal.

Turn the blocks around and sort the story of the 3 Bears.


Children can make a caterpillar (and when they turn the caterpillar around they will see a butterfly) or the can retell the story. They can also tell the life cycle of a butterfly. I really enoyed making these blocks and "I Can" cards.


Didn't these turn out so so cute!

Pigeon (Mo Willems) Retelling Blocks

These are so much fun- put the blocks together to make a bus, angry pigeon, or just retell the stories using the blocks.

Interested in some storytelling blocks for your classroom? Email me what story you want and I'll give you a price. Prices range 12.00 for 5 blocks and up.


Pancake Finger Puppets
Cut a circle out of foam and cut two circle out at the bottom (for your fingers). Use face stickers to decorate your puppet.


Materials: blue cup, cloud shape cut from foam, string, cotton balls. We tied the foam cloud to the string and strung it thru the bottom of the cup. Cover the cup with clouds and pull little cloud up into the clouds.

Cloud Racing

Super fun game!

Blue jello and marshmallow for snack that goes perfect with the book.


Writing exercise for If I Gave a Pig a Pancake. Child fills in blank "If I gave a pig a _________" and then draw it.

Press Here by Herve Tullet

My class loves this book so much I made my own "press here" type of book.
Actions include: tickling Monkey's tummy, blowing him a kiss, shaking and tilting book, tapping, stretching, and singing. Monkey will turn colors, jumps off page, gets all mixed up, stands on head, shrinks and stretches, and finally falls asleep.
Get your Tickle Monkey interactive book here.

Feet and bed pattern FREE!
This is one of my favorite books for family theme week and it goes perfect with the book, How Many Feet in the Bed? by Diane Johnston Hamm.
I printed a bed (get your free pattern below) and taped in on a cookie sheet. I then cut out some feet shapes (free pattern below). I attached some magnetic tape on the back of each foot.
I let each child come forward and place the number of feet in the bed that represents their families.

1. Count the number of feet. How many are boys? How many are girls?
2. Are there more boys or girls feet in your family?
3. Count the number of feet by 2's.
4. Graph the number of boy's and girl's feet in the class.

Free pattern here.


Each child had to decorate their socks to be symmetrical. They had a great time working and really did well.


Once there was a family of ghosts--a mother and 8 children.  One day, when
the mother was in the kitchen, she discovered there was nothing to eat, so
she gathered her children together and told them she needed to go to the
store.  She said to them, "Remember, don't eat or drink anything.  Ghosts
should only eat cottage cheese, ice cream and drink only milk. (I say
"ghosts should only eat foods that are white" and then have the children
name some white foods) I don't have any of these things."  So the mother
said good-bye and went to the store.
Well, while she was gone, the first little ghost got hungry and went looking
for food.  He opened the cupboard and found some bananas.  He ate them and
the next thing he knew he had turned yellow!
The second little ghost found some lettuce and when he ate it he turned
The third little ghost found some strawberries outside and ate a whole
basket full. Then he looked at himself and, yes, he had turned red!
Well, the fourth little ghost found some pink lemonade--after he drank it
all he found that he had turned pink!
The fifth little ghost found a fruit bowl filled with plums.  He ate all the
plums and turned very purple.
The sixth little ghost picked some oranges from the tree and ate them.  He
turned orange!
The seventh little ghost ate a whole plate of blueberry muffins and turned blue!
The eighth little ghost didn't want anything to happen to him, so he searched everywhere to find something that a ghost should eat, like milk, cottage cheese, whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.  When he looked in the freezer he saw some ice cream.  He took it and ate it all.  Then he looked at himself.  OH NO!  He turned polka dot.  It was chocolate chip ice cream!
When the mother came home, she cried, "OH MY GOODNESS!  LOOK AT ALL OF YOU."
She called the doctor.  He came and looked at all the little ghosts and shook his head.  Then he took some medicine out of his bag.  He gave each little ghost a spoonful, except the chocolate chip ghost.  He had 2 spoonfuls because dots are very hard to make go away.

Submitted by Mary
 On each page there will be 5-10 pictures(can be a theme:Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, etc.) The child can pick 3-5 pictures off the page, and they have to create their own story about the pictures they picked. I play this game with my nieces ( we pick objects in the room, and then create a story from the objects we picked. They always seem to include my dog Lucia.) It's alot of fun, and it's interesting to see what the children's minds come up with. My nieces are 4 and 5 and they can grasp the concept of the story/game. 

A paper bag and assorted surprise objects to fill it are all the elements required--with a little imagination--to foster storytelling skills. This is a great exercise to help build sequence comprehension as well as introduce characters to general scenarios, by asking students, "What would happen if a 5 year old boy named Jack picked up (this object) on his way to school?"--and pull it out of the bag.

Submitted by Christine
When ever I finish a unit (i.e. dinosaurs), I like to photocopy the covers of all the books we have either read or left in the reading center for the children to see.  I then staple all photocopies together and place them in the file pertaining to that unit.  This way I know which books I used the last time we did the unit.  I also will note on he copy which books were the most successful.

Flannel Board Story;
Shapes needed: Santa-in-his-underwear and
Mrs. Claus (Pellon),
and four felt Santa suits (red with black smudges, a red suit that's cut too short on the legs  and arms,  a blue suit and a yellow suit and one red suit that fits).

It was four days before Christmas. Everyone at the North pole was busy getting ready for the night when Santa flies through sky in his sled, delivering presents to good little girls and boys.  Santa Claus brought out his wonderful red suit,
to make sure it was ready for the big  night.   (On the flannel board, place Mrs. Claus and Santa-in-his-underwear. Try on the dirty red Santa suit).
"Oh no," Santa sighed. "My suit is all smudged with black soot."
"It must have happened last Christmas, when you climbed in and out all those dirty chimneys." said Mrs. Claus
"Good thing I discovered this problem before Christmas eve." Santa replied. "I'd better ask the elves to please wash my suit right away."
It was three days before Christmas and Santa tried on his freshly laundered suit.. (On the board, try on the short Santa suit)
"Yikes!," said Santa.  "Something is wrong.  My suit is so tight across my   big belly, and also the arms and legs are too short!. (point to the arms and legs).
"When the elves washed it, it must have shrunk in the dryer," said Mrs. Claus.
"I'd better ask the elves to please sew me up another suit right away," replied Santa.
It was two days before Christmas and Santa tried on his newly tailored suit.   (Try on the blue suit)  "Well this new suit fits fine," said Santa, " and   it's a beautiful color.  I like it!"
But when Mrs.Clau's  saw the new suit, she shook her head.  "I don't care for the looks of it, " she said.  "Something about it is not quite right."
"But there is only one day left before Christmas," said Santa. " The elves don't have much time to make me another one."
The elves de vided to all work overtime to finish sewing Santa another new suit. This time it was a yellow one. (Try on the yellow suit).
Santa thanked all the elves for all their hard work, but he was a tad disappointed."Yellow just isn't my color, but I'll have to wear this suit anyway,"  Santa sighed.  "The elves don't have time to make me another new suit."
"The children won't even recognize you in that yellow suit." said Mrs. Claus. "Santa is  supposed to wear red."
Then Mrs. Claus brought out her special surprise, a bright red suit that she had sewn herself. (Have Santa try on the red suit)   "You know my color and my size too," Santa said, beaming at himself in the mirror.
This red suit fits perfectly!"  He gave his wife a big thank-you hug and kiss.  And that's the story of  how Santa got his new suit.

The Fat Old Lady
Submitted by Kim
Pieces needed:
A lady on the heavy side ( cut stomach circle and attach bag to the back of open circle)
Big Mac
Cracker Jacks
Candy bar
Hot dog
french fries
Peppermint sticks
Lemon meringue pie
Cotton candy
Potato chips
Chocolate cake

Once there lived an old lady,
Who was extremely fat and wide:
She loved to snack on junk food,
And she never walked outside.

Everyday she sat and watched T.V.
And all she did was eat, eat, eat!

At one o'clock she ate a Big Mac:
At two 0'clock she handsome cracker jacks.

At thee o'clock she ate a candy bar:
At four o'clock she had cookies from a jar.

At five o'clock she ate some French fries:
At six o'clock she had a lemon meringue pie.

At seven o'clock she ate some potato chips:
At eight o'clock she had a bag of peppermint sticks.

At nine o'clock she ate a hot dog on a bun:
At ten o'clock she had cotton candy just for fun.

At eleven o'clock she ate some chocolate cake:
At twelve o'clock she had a stomachache!

This is a felt story to use with the children. Make felt figures for: a leprechaun, large black pot, a couple of cherries, an orange, a lemon, a couple of limes, some blueberries, a bunch of grapes and a rainbow sliced into red, orange, yellow, green, blue & purple segments. Laminate and felt fabric to the back so they will stick to the board. Place the leprechaun and
pot on the board, add on each piece of fruit as it is sung about. When you sing about the color, place that segment on the board.

Make A Rainbow (Tune:"Skip to my Lou")
Take some cherries; put them in a pot
Stir them, stir them, stir them a lot!
Pour it out now; what will it be?
The prettiest RED - you ever did see!!

Take an orange; put it in a pot
Stir it, stir it, stir it a lot!
Pour it out now; what will it be?
The prettiest ORANGE - you ever did see!!

Take a lemon; put it in a pot
Stir it, stir it, stir it a lot!
Pour it out now; what will it be?
The prettiest YELLOW - you ever did see!!

Take some limes; put them in a pot
Stir them, stir them, stir them a lot!
Pour it out now; what will it be?
The prettiest GREEN - you ever did see!!

Take some berries; put them in a pot
Stir them, stir them, stir them a lot!
Pour it out now; what will it be?
The prettiest BLUE - you ever did see!!

Take some grapes; put them in a pot
Stir them, stir them, stir them a lot!
Pour it out now; what will it be?
The prettiest PURPLE - you ever did see!!

Red and orange, yellow and green-
Blue and purple colors are seen!
Put them together; what will it be?
The prettiest rainbow you ever did see!!

At the Zoo
Once there was a monkey who climbed out of his tree one day and looked around. He decided that there would be more animal friends to see if he went to the ZOO so off he went.
The first animal he saw was a bear. He said Mr. bear, which way to the Zoo (voice goes up. ) The bear said I DON'T KNOW. Let us ask Mr. zebra.
The bear and the monkey went to the zebra and asked. Mr. Zebra which way to the Zoo? I don't know, lets go ask . . . . elephant,  penguin, lion,  giraffe,  etc.
At the end they  all go to the wise old owl. Mr. Owl which way to the zoo they all ask.? The owl replies "silly animals you are already at the zoo!"

Colored Birds Flannel Board Story:
Make a tree with no leaves. Big enough to fit your flannel board  Make birdies one each of red, yellow, green, purple, orange, blue, black, brown. You can make two or tree of each color so each child will have one.
Give each child a colored birdie. Place the tree on the flannel board song

Little Red bird  in the tree
in the tree, in the tree
Little Red bird in the tree
Sing me a song.
The child or children who have a red bird
Places the bird on the tree and sings Tweet Tweet.

This is great for younger children to learn their colors. I find the older children love it as they get to hold a bird and place it on the tree.

The Mouse And The Apple -  By Stephen Butler
One day MOUSE saw a lovely ripe apple on the apple tree. It was red and
shiny, and it looked delicious. Mouse waited for the apple to fall.
Along came HEN.
Hello, Mouse! What are you doing?
I am waiting for the apple to fall, said Mouse.
That is a good idea, said Hen hopefully. I will wait with you.
So Mouse and Hen waited for the apple to fall.
Along came GOOSE.
Hello, Mouse! Hello, Hen!  What are you doing?
We are waiting for the apple to fall, said Hen.
Apples are my favorite, said Goose greedily. I will wait with you.
So Mouse, Hen and Goose waited for the apple to fall.
Along came GOAT.
Hello, Mouse!  Hello, Hen!  Hello, Goose!
What are you doing?
We are waiting for the apple to fall, said Goose.
I love apples, said Goat hungrily. I will wait with you.
So Mouse, Hen, Goose and Goat waited for the apple to fall.
Along came COW.
Hello, Mouse!  Hello, Hen!  Hello, Goose!
Hello, Goat!
What are you doing?
We are waiting for the apple to fall, said Goat.
I was just thinking about apples, said cow, licking her lips. I will wait with you. So Mouse, Hen, Goose, Goat and Cow all waited for the apple to fall.
They waited. And they waited. And they waited.
Mouse waited patiently, but Cow, Goat, Goose and Hen soon grew restless.  They thought up ways to make the apple fall.
I will fly up and knock it down, said Hen and she ran towards the tree, flapping her wings. But she tripped and fell on her beak with a bump.
I will honk it down, said Goose. He opened his beak wide.  Honk! Honk!
Honk! But the apple didn't move.
I will butt it down, said Goat. He ran at the tree and butted it as hard as he could. But the apple didn't budge.
I have got a good idea! cried Cow. She jumped up and down on all four
hoofs. The tree trembled and the apple began to quiver.
Everybody jump! cried Cow, jumping up and down. Goat jumped up and down.
Goose jumped up and down. Hen jumped up and down.
The tree shook and the apple wobbled, but still the apple did not fall.
Meanwhile, Mouse waited patiently.
Let's go, said Cow grumpily. That apple is probably rotten anyway.
Or sour, said Goat.
Or hard, said Goose.
Or soft, said Hen.
Now only Mouse was left. All of a sudden the shiny red apple fell to the ground with a plop!
It wasn't rotten or sour or hard or soft. It was the crunchiest, sweetest, most delicious apple Mouse had ever tasted!

Blue Bird, Blue Bird
Here is one. It comes out of the book 123 colors. Cut our a nice size bird of each color. Make a tree trunk and branches also out of brown. You could add green leaves if you want. The poem goes like this-
Blue bird; blue bird high in a tree,
how many blue things can you see?
You do that for each color. You could place colored flannel cutouts after you repeat the poem or let the kids look around the room to find colored things.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear
This flannel board activity is easy for 2-3 year olds  to follow and helps teach colors. I use it throughout the  year with different themes. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do you See? -  (adapted from the book by Bill Martin Jr.)
Cut each animal out of felt.  Place each animal on the board as they are  mentioned.  Afterwards  leave the pieces out so the children can retell it themselves.

Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?
I see a blue bird looking at me.
Blue bird, blue bird, what do you see?
I see a black cat looking at me.
Black cat black cat, what do you see?
I see a green frog looking at me.
Green frog, green frog, what do you see?
I see a yellow duck looking at me.
Yellow duck, yellow duck, what do you see?
I see a red fish looking at me.
Red fish, red fish, what do you see?
I see some children looking at me.

Variations: Use sea creatures: an orange star fish, a blue sea horse, a green octopus, a pink lobster,  a red fish, etc. At Halloween, use a black cat, a white ghost, a green witch, an orange Jack O Lantern. Use woodland animals for a forest unit and farm animals for a farm unit.

Mixed Up Clown
Make a big Clown Face, Put eyes, and Mouth on it. Cut out many different shapes of different colors. Make One Big Round Red Nose this is what the children will be looking for.

What makes this flannel board fun is that you are making mistakes. Went you put the clown on the flannel board tell the children they are looking for A BIG ROUND RED NOSE.  I start out with Clancy saying hello and ask the children to help him find his  Big Red Round Nose as he has a show to do.  Have all the shapes pieces hiding behind the flannel board. as you put the different shapes on the board the children will tell you if it is the right shape. Keep putting the wrong shapes on clancy. The
children quickly learn their shapes and colors play until the children are still interested.

Carl the Clown
My name, boys and girls, is Carl the clown.
I wear my hats all over town.

Each one has its own color name,
Which you can learn if you play my game.

Oh, here's a hat, and it is red.
It fits so nicely on my head.

Now when I wear my hat of yellow,
I'm told I'm quite a dandy fellow.

I hope you like my hat of blue.
I'll put in on now, just for you.

My purple hat is just for good.
I'd wear it always if I could.

I wear a white hat on a sunny day.
It looks quite nice, my friends all say.

I put on my green hat to visit the park,
But I take it off when it gets dark.

And when it's dark, I put on brown.
This hat is for a sleepy clown.

Orange and black is for Halloween night.
Yes, indeed, I'm quite a sight!

Five little apples hung on a tree...
The farmer didn't care
So guess who came to eat?

Four little apples hung on a tree...
The farmer didn't care
So guess who came to eat?

Three little apples hung on a tree...
The farmer didn't care
So guess who came to eat?

Two little apples hung on a tree
The farmer didn't care
So guess who came to eat?

One little apple hung on a tree
The farmer didn't care
So guess who came to eat?

Now the tree is bare
There are no more apples there
But when next fall comes around
Guess who'll be there?



(Note:  this is a commercial story purchased from Nasco. It came with the flannel board pieces already printed.  If I were writing this, I would substitute something else for "Scarecrow".  Every time I use this, somebody says "But the scarecrow couldn't eat!!!") Also the actual ending is: Now the tree is bare,  And life can seem unfair,  But when next winter comes around,  Guess who'll be there?" The figures are really cute, but In don't like some of the text.  That's why I adapted, as above. If you say it aloud you will soon find that it has a rhythm that the kids soon pick up on. It's fun!!!

The First Teddy Bear
You will need a brown teddy bear body, two legs, two arms, four paws, Scotty dog head, a horse's head, an elephant's head, a rooster's head, a pig's head, round brown circle for head, black nose, two black eyes, and a red mouth and two ears.

Once upon a time there was a Great Toy Maker who created all kinds of toys to please boys and girls. Each day the Toy Maker worked on a new toy. As the toy was finished, it gave him great joy. One day, as he sat at his work bench, he picked up some soft brown fur.  "This would make a lovely toy," he said. So he made a fat chubby body of soft brown fur.  (Put body  on the flannel board).
Next he made two long, brown, furry legs. (Add the legs to the body on the flannel board).
Then the Toy Maker made two short, brown, furry arms. (Put the arms on the figure taking form on the flannel board).
Lastly, he added a little tan paw to each arm and leg. (Add the
      Then the Toy Maker stepped back to see what he had made. Something was missing.  "Of course, the head!" he said.  And the Toy Maker thought: "What sort of head should I give this toy?"  He finally thought out loud. "Perhaps one like I used on the Scotty dog would do." So he put it on the fat, furry body.  (Put a Scotty dog head on the flannel board figure).
As he stood back to look at his toy, he shook his head, "No, that Scotty's head won't do at all!"  He tried a horse's head on the furry body. (Put the horse's head on the figure).
He still wasn't satisfied.  Next, he tried an elephant's head. (Put the elephant's head on the figure).
He knew, as he stepped back and considered the toy, that the elephant's head wouldn't do either.  It just didn't look right on that fat brown body. Then he tried a rooster's head.  (Put the rooster's head on the figure). And a pig's head.  (Put the pig's head on the figure).
 Then he said, "It is very plain to see that this new toy must have his own special head."  So he made a large furry, brown ball, and on this he put: a black, shiny  nose,  two black eyes and, a round cherry-red mouth. Last of all, he added: two brown, furry ears!
 "Now I think that will be all! said the Toy Maker.  As he stepped back to look at his newest toy, he smiled; then broke into a laugh!  He laughed and laughed, until the tears spilled out of his eyes and fell down over his cheeks. This was a happy day to the Great Toy Maker, for he had just made the very First Teddy Bear!

Flower Flannel Story
You need,
flower with ten petals and smiling face

My Flower
My flower grows up towards the sky,
Leaves and stem and petals high.
See the green leaves near the ground.
On the stem is where they're found.
See the petals, count with me,
How many petals do you see?
l, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
See the honeybee come callin',
Buzzin' around in search of pollen.
My flower smiles and says, "Hello."
The bee says, "Thanks!" before he goes.

I wear a yellow raincoat, to cover up my clothes.
And some shiny, new black rubbers, to cover up my toes.
I hold a green umbrella, as I walk along to school.
And the raindrops make some splashes,
In the little muddy pools.

Prepare visual aids for raincoat, rubbers, umbrella and splashes .Children enjoy helping to tell the story.

Take a manila envelope and cut out a large rectangle.  Cut several different color sheets of construction paper so that they slide easily into the envelope and show through the rectangle window.  Turn the envelope sideways so that it looks like a wagon.  Add 2 wheels and a wagon handle.  Cut the envelope apart and laminate the whole thing then reassemble the envelope.

The little song is to the tune of "skip to my Lou"
Who can paint my wagon __color___?
Who can paint my wagon __color___?
___child_______ can paint my wagon ___color_____.
Look at my little ___color_____ wagon!
The child with the correct color paper slides it into the envelope "wagon" while the class sings.

Submitted by Jan
5 turtles
1 box

Seeking adventure on a sunny day.
Five green turtles tried to crawl away.

One green turtle went toward the door.
Mom caught it - then there were four.

Four green turtles hid behind the ivy.
I caught one - then there were three.

Three green turtles tried to sneak past Sue.
She caught one - then there were two.

Two green turtles still on the run.
Kenny caught one - then there was one.

One green turtle still heading for the sun.
Daddy caught it - and then there were none.

No more turtles sneaking away.
I felt a little sorry for them that day.

So I put them in a box.
And we all went out to play.
*Change the names to the children in your class.

Submitted by Jan
You will need a:
green leaf
Once upon a time a teeny-tiny raindrop fell upon a green leaf. (Place Ryan Raindrop and leaf on board)
It stayed on the leaf until the sun came out. (place sun on board)
The sun warmed the little raindrop and it changed into vapor.
The vapor mixed with the air, and we could no longer see it. (take away raindrop and leaf)
The air then cooled the vapor and it changed back into a raindrop. (bring back raindrop)
The tiny raindrop found other raindrops, and when they all got together they formed a cloud. (all raindrops join together and go behind cloud)
There were so many raindrops in the cloud that they began to fall and come back to earth again. (raindrops fall out of cloud and cloud goes away)
One even fell on the same green leaf. And that's the story of rain.

l farmer
l farmer's wife
spider web

One hot afternoon, the farmer and his animals were dozing in the barn. The only sound was the buzz-buzz of a lazy fly.
Suddenly the buzzing stopped - the fly had landed right on the end of the farmer's nose!
"Aaachooo!" the farmer sneezed so hard that the fly was blown high up into a spider's web.
This disturbed the spider, who captured the fly
which alerted the sparrow, who chased the spider
This wakened the cat, who leapt at the bird
Which woke the dog, and frightened the rats
Who fled from the barn, chased by the dog
Which scattered the startled hens from their roost
And panicked the terrified donkey!
"What on earth have you done?" shrieked the farmer's wife.
"Nothing, my dear," replied the farmer. "I only sneezed!"

Milk filters are used by dairy farmers to strain milk through to remove impurities.  They are white and similar to interfacing used in sewing.  They are nicer for flannel stories though because they don't wrinkle as easily and stick well.

But No Elephants- Flannel Board Story
You will need:
A Grandma
Pet Seller
Large Elephant
Snow flakes
House (smaller that the Elephant but big enough for the others to fit on)
palm tree
sign that says "WELCOME ELEPHANTS"

GRANDMA lived all alone, she worked hard and had no time to play.
One day a PET SELLER came. He asked her if she would like to buy a pet.
She said "yes but NO elephants"
She bought a CANARY he was a good cook.
The next day the pet seller came he asked her if she would like another pet.
She said "Yes but NO elephants"
She bought a BEAVER he helped her cut wood for the fire
The next day the pet seller came he asked her if she would like another pet.
She said "yes but No Elephants"
She bought a TURTLE he carried the groceries home for her.
The next day the pet seller came he asked her if she would like another pet.
She said "yes but No Elephants"
She bought a WOODPECKER he fixed all the holes in her roof.
The next day the pet seller came he asked her if she would like another pet.
She said "yes but No Elephants"
The pet seller said "Oh but I have a sale on Elephants" since Grandma could
not resist a good sale.
(all my four year olds say neither can Mothers LOL)
The ELEPHANT stayed.
It started to snow and snow and snow (SNOWFLAKES)
The Elephant began to cry all the other animals felt sad,
"ok come in the house" said the Grandma.
The Elephant squeezed into the house, but he fell out the bottom of the
It snowed and snowed and now everyone felt sad. The Elephant was hard to
take care off, he ate all the food.
The Grandma said "you know I said No Elephants"
The Elephant felt sad too. He got an idea, he started to walk and he carried
them to a place where there was warm SUNshine and PALM TREES and a sign
and they were all happy and warm and Grandma drank lemonade and they still
live there today.

You will need:

Gregory had been sleeping in his barrow for several months.He felt it was time to get up and look for his shadow.  Gregory slowly came out of his burrow.  He stretched and yawned and then started looking around.
First he saw a shadow that was so big he knew it could not be his.  (What do
you think Gregory saw?)
It was a huge BEAR.  Gregory kept walking until he noticed another shadow in front of him.  This one has wings.  Gregory looked down at himself.  He didn't have wings.  (let the listeners guess.)
I know, he said to himself, It must be a BIRD.
He continued on through the forest. There were several more friends. Their shadows had long, fluffy tails. Gregory's tail was short,.  They were SQUIRRELS, having a wonderful time chasing up,  down, and all around the trees.

Gregory thought that it was very strange that he was seeing everyone's shadow but his own.  I'd better try a little harder, he said to himself. With a smile on his face, he started walking.  Soon he came to a pond.  He thought maybe he would see his shadow reflecting in the water.  But no, it wasn't there.  The first thing that he saw was a moving shadow taking giant leaps
from rock to rock.  What could that be? Gregory wondered.  It stopped moving and he instantly recognized it.  It was a FROG.   He laughed to himself as he moved on.

As he was walking along the bank, he noticed another moving shadow.  This one moved very slowly, not quickly like the frog.  He though for a minute. The he remembered that this animal was called a TURTLE.  And speaking of slow moving friends, there went a long skinny friend slipping through the grass.  Yes, it was a SNAKE.

Well, he was having no luck finding his shadow at the pond so he walked back into the Forrest.  There to greet him was his hopping friend, with long ears.  It was Mrs. Rabbit.  Gregory asked Mrs. Rabbit where his shadow could be.  She said, follow me, Gregory.  Off they went.  Wait, Gregory said, I see a huge shadow with long legs, maybe it's mine!  They stopped.  Gregory and Mrs. Rabbit started laughing.  (Who was this forest friend?)
Gregory sure felt silly to think that the big shadow of the DEER was his.  Gregory took another step.  In front of him was a smaller shadow.   Yes, this could be his.  He looked closely.  Opps, the shadow had six legs, and was really small.
(What animal do the listeners think Gregory saw now?)
Once again Gregory felt very silly.  This was a shadow of an ANT.
Gregory kept looking.  All of a sudden the sun shone brightly.  Gregory looked off to his left side.  What he saw was a black shadow.  It scared him so much that he didn't have much time to think or every to say thank you to Mrs. Rabbit.  He ran directly towards his burrow and scampered into it as quickly as he could.  There he felt very secure and warm.  After he had caught his breath, he realized that he had been tricked one again.  This time by his very own shadow.

Flannel Story Best Friends.
You will need:
1 boy bear
1 girl bear

Benny Bear and Barbara Bear were best friends.
They played together every day. When the other animal children in the woods would come around and want to play,  Benny and Barbara would tell them, "bears that are best friends only play with each other and no one else.
Everything was fine until Barbara Bear got the flu and had to spend a whole week in bed. The first day Barbara was sick, Benny spent all day alone, playing with his toys. By the second day Benny was lonely and he wished he had another friend to play with. Benny decided to go out and look for someone to be his friend.
Benny had not walked very far when he met Randy Raccoon. Benny smiled at Randy and said . . . "will you be my friend?" But Randy Raccoon kept right on walking.
A little farther down the road Benny saw Sandy Squirrel. Benny smiled at Sandy and said . . . "will you be my friend?" But Sand just smiled back and shook her head.
Soon Benny ran into Danny Deer. Benny smiled at Danny and said . . . "will you be my friend?" Danny Deer just hurried by and went down the road.
Ricky Rabbit came hopping along. When Benny saw Ricky, he smiled and said . . . "will you be my friend?" But Ricky kept right on hopping.
Next Benny met Gary Groundhog along the road. Benny smiled at Gary and said . . . "will you be my friend?" Gary Groundhog looked at the ground and kept right on walking.
By this time Benny was tired of saying . . . "will you be my friend?" So he turned around and sadly started walking back home. As he walked, Benny started thinking about Randy Raccoon, Sandy Squirrel, Danny Deer, Ricky Rabbit and Gary Groundhog. At first Benny was mad that none of the animal children would be his friend, but then he remembered how he and Barbara would never let any of the animal children play with them. I guess I just got what I deserved thought Benny.
Just then Benny heard someone say . . . "will you be my friend?" He turned around and saw Randy Raccoon, Sandy Squirrel, Danny Deer, Ricky Rabbit and Gary Groundhog all standing by a tree. They all looked at Benny and said again . . . "will you be my friend?" Benny was so happy he shouted "yes!" And when Barbara gets well we can all be best friends!

Once there was a little bear who was sleeping in his bed in his nice dark cave.
"Have a little sleep bear, sleep bear, sleep bear.
Have a little sleep bear, sleep bear, sleep."
The next day the sun came out and the bear woke up and stretched.
"Have a little stretch bear, stretch bear, stretch bear.
Have a little stretch bear, stretch bear, stretch."
And since it was a very sunny day the bear decided to go for a walk.
"Have a little walk bear,."
But this was a very active little bear and soon he became bored with walking
and began to run.
"Have a little run bear,."
And after all that running he was hot and sweaty.  Before him was a big cool
lake, so what do you think he did?  Yes!  He jumped right in and swam!
"Have a little swim bear,."
And after he swam a little while he climbed out of the water and he was all
drippy wet.  And do you know how bears dry themselves off when they are wet?
  Yes, they shake!
"Have a little shake bear,."
And after all that shaking he looked up and saw a tall tree. You know how
bears love to climb!
"Have a little climb bear,."
And when he got to the top do you know what he saw?  Some golden, sweet,
delicious HONEY!  And you know how much bears love honey!
"Have a little taste bear,."
But you know wherever there is honey there are honeybees.  And those bees
did not like that bear messing with their honey.  Do you know what bees do
when they are angry?  That right they sting!
"Have a little sting bee,."
The bear cried out, "OUCH!"     (sing fast and frantic)
"Have a little climb bear, climb bear, climb.
Have a little swim bear, swim bear, swim.
Have a little shake bear, shake bear, shake.
Have a little run bear, run bear, run.
Have a little walk bear, walk bear, walk."
And the bear reached his cave and called out to his Mommy, "Mommy, Mommy!  I
went for a walk, and a run, and a swim, and I shook off, and then I climbed
a tree, and I found some honey, and it tasted good.  But the bees got mad
and one stung me on the nose!"  And his mommy said,
"Awww!  Have a little hug bear, hug bear, hug bear.
  Have a little hug bear, hug bear, hug."

I took a recent "language in the classroom" workshop and the presenter had a  very, very simple idea to get discussions going in your classroom.  I tried  this with my 3's class and it worked very well.

Sit in a circle on the floor.  Place pictures of ordinary things into a decorated box.  (ie, phone, car, boat, tree, monkey, cake, etc.)   have the children select one picture each .  (teachers also).  Then have each child
identify the object for the group and each child comment about their picture in any way. We began with the teachers.  I had a picture of a clown and I named the picture, then I described where I saw a clown in the circus and
what else I saw.  Well, this was a wonderful activity.  Each child had their turn and they got into it.  The picture of the monkey led to a discussion about trees, zoos, jungle, pets, bananas, etc.  It was a great way to jump
start conversations, vocabulary, critical thinking and a turn taking.  This is so simple, but the results were great!

Submitted by Laura
I want to tell you about my friend Larry, the clown. He is a funny clown
because he is made of shapes.

His head is a circle; it is round like a ball (place circle)

His body is a square; it has four sides in all (square below circle)

His hat is a triangle; its sides equal three (triangle above head)

His arms and feet are ovals, far apart (add ovals for feet, hands)

But what make Larry special is a little red heart (place on chest)

Larry's job at the circus is to make boys and girls laugh by being shot our
of a cannon. He sails through the air and they laugh and laugh, but when he
falls on the other side he comes all apart. He need help to get back
together again. (Call on two or three boys and girls a day to put Larry back
together again.)

Finger play Mitts
Fascinate your youngsters when performing finger plays by donning these special finger play mitts. To make a finger play mitt, use self adhesive Velcro pieces to attach small puppet cutouts to colorful gardening gloves.
Puppets can be easily removed and replaced with other sets as desired.

Flannel board Story Storage
Keep flannel board stories and pieces accessible with this nifty storage idea. Insert each story into a clear, top loading sheet protector. Put the accompanying pieces in the protector with the story. Then place all of the sheet protectors in a three-ring binder. Organize the binder seasonally or thematically to suit your needs.

An Indian made a teepee (pull laces up and cross one under the other) and it collapsed! (pull first 'knot' down)  So he started another, (make first loop for bow) and he took this string and went around it, (wrap other lace around
loop) and went inside, (push lace under new loop) and there he had it!  Two tents! (pull both loops for bow) This story is great for a group activity where the children can help one another follow the story, and if you make pictures to go with the story the kids can follow the steps by themselves! The story also helps to limit the child's frustration with learning to tie
because they are helping the Indian to build a teepee and if they fail it is the Indian who needs more help!

Various Household Objects
Pillowcase or brown paper bag
Put five or six various household objects into a brown paper bag or pillowcase:  keys, purse, stuffed animal, book, and so on.  Remove each item from the bag one at a time, and create a story by adding one sentence for each item as it is removed:  "once upon a time there was a little white kitten named Angel.  Angel just loved to read books, especially books about

Add a little millinery magic to your story time. Prepare cutouts of objects and characters that relate to the story you will be telling. Using fishing line, tie the cutouts to a wide brimmed straw hat. Wear the hat during the retelling of the story, moving it around as the story progresses so that the related design is dangling in the front. All eyes are sure to be focused and all ears listening when you don this clever storytelling hat.

By Bobbie Lee Wagman
Once there was a cat all white who wished that he were black as night. He was thirsty as could be, and in the cupboard, what did he see?  Grape juice right before his eyes!  He drank it.  Then to his surprise, he turned from white to something new.  Deep dark purple was his hue.  He peered into his little cup, saw tomato juice, and lapped it up.  He soon became the brightest red.  He thought, "maybe I should go to bed."  But he wasn't tired, and so he looked for somewhere else to go.  He spied an orange on the floor, and pounced on it, and played some more.  As he played this little game, orange was what he became.  He played with some blueberries, too.  So suddenly the cat turned blue.  A sour lime sat on the ground. The kitty licked it and he found that he felt strange and not so keen,  for he had turned the color green.  Now he was a sad little fellow.  So he ate a banana and turned the color yellow.  Just then he saw a tasty treat, another food he had to eat.  A long black piece of licorice gave the little cat his wish. He ate it all, and soon he was black from his head to his paws!  Why did this happened?  You guessed it right if you blamed it on Halloween night.

Big Mouth Frog Flannel Board Story
Submitted by Jan of the KOS Loop
The Big Mouth Frog
You will need: 1 frog (or you can use two; one with a big mouth and one with  small mouth), 1 giraffe, 1 elephant, 1 crocodile,
Once upon a time there was a little frog with a Very Big Mouth. The frog use to drive everyone crazy with his big mouth. He was always opening it and hollering at people. "HI! WHO ARE YOU? I'M THE BIG MOUTH FROG!" (as you say it make your own mouth big and wide) One morning he decided to find out what everyone ate for breakfast. He hopped out of his frog pond, hopped to the zoo, and began to pester all the animals. The first animal he met was a giraffe. "HI! WHO ARE YOU? WHAT DO YOU EAT FOR BREAKFAST?" The giraffe looked down. "I am a giraffe. I eat leaves for breakfast." "Well, I'M THE BIG MOUTH FROG! I EAT FLIES FOR BREAKFAST!" He stuck out his long tongue, and SLUUUUURP, he caught a fly. Continue with: elephant - leaves; monkeys - bananas; The Big mouth frog went to visit the crocodile. "Hi! WHO ARE YOU? WHAT DO YOU EAT FOR BREAKFAST?" "I am the crocodile. I eat BIG MOUTH FROG for breakfast. Who did you say you were?" I'M THE BIG MOUTH- Ooops! I'm the small mouth frog. (have your mouth go form wide open I eat FL-Ooops... mo-o-squi-i-to-o-es for breakfast. "And the small mouth frog hopped right back to his pond. oooh...ooooh(his mouth is making a tiny "o")

submitted by Sandra
A Wiggle-With-Me Story
Before sharing this story with the children, read the following dialogue aloud, so they learn the actions which correspond with the words. Be sure to demonstrate the actions, then give the children the chance to practice them before the story begins. If necessary, break down individual movements
per group.
Whenever I say the " COTTONTAIL," shake your bottom.
Whenever I say "PINK NOSE" wrinkle your nose like a bunny.
Whenever I say 'SOFT, BROWN EYES," blink your eyes three times.
Whenever I say 'LONG, TALL EARS," hold your arms over your head and make
Whenever I say "HOPPED," and that will only be one time, hop away to wherever you wish. Go quietly and be careful not to bump other bunnies as you hop.
Now here is the story. Listen carefully and do not forget your part.
Once upon a time there was a fluffy little bunny who lived in a safe burrow deep under the roots of a great old tree on the edge of the forest. The fluffy little bunny had a pink nose, a cottontail, brown eyes, and long, tall ears that could hear any sound for miles around. One day when the bunny was bounding through the forest with his little cottontail bobbing along behind him, he came upon a bubbling brook. He stopped and perked up his long, tall ears to listen for any sounds that might tell him of danger. He sniffed the air with his pink nose for the scent of an enemy. His soft, brown eyes looked in every direction. His long, tall ears told him nothing. His pink nose told him nothing. His soft, brown eyes say no sign of another creature anywhere. So the bunny bounced off through the forest with his cottontail bobbing behind him. The bunny had not gone far when he came upon a fallen log blocking his path. Again he stopped and perked up his long, tall ears to listen for any sound that might tell him of danger. He sniffed the air with his pink nose for the scent of an enemy. His soft, brown eyes looked in every direction. His long, tall ears told him nothing. His pink nose told him nothing. His soft, brown eyes saw no sign of another creature anywhere. So, the bunny bounced off through the forest with his cottontail bobbing behind him. Suddenly, there was a snap of a twig. The cottontail stopped bobbing. The bunny's long, tall ears perked up to listen for the sound of a stranger. He sniffed the air with his pink nose for any scent of danger. His soft, brown eyes looked in every direction. Then, there it was! It moved quietly through the forest on the same path where the bunny stood. It was coming closer and closer. The bunny did not move. It began to feel frightened! Who should come bounding down the path....but another little bunny just like him! She had a pink nose, a cottontail, soft, brown eyes and long, tall ears that could hear for miles around. She stopped and looked at the bunny with her soft brown eyes. They smiled at each other. Then they turned and they hopped off the down the path together.

As a small group activity, encourage the children think of someone that they love. Students will draw these people on large sheets of construction paper. Bind the collective the art work and make a cover with the title, "Our Class Love Book". Display the class "Love Book" in the book or reading area. Visitors will
enjoy seeing the collection.

Environmental Print Books
Submitted by Kim
collect small bags from area fast food restaurants, headlines from sales papers, 2 pieces of cardboard, and zip lock baggies
Restaurant Bags book -
1.    Most of the small bags are similar in size.  I level out the top of the bags with shape scissors (leaving a design).
2.    Using Cardboard, make a cover.
3.    Bind the bags together with the cover and you have an environmental print book.

Environmental Baggy Book:
1.  Using baggies as pages, place the names / clippings from the newspaper in the baggy.
2. Make a cover for the book and your ready to go.
There are a ton of ideas for environmental print books.  The children feel so important as they recognize the symbols.  They begin to follow the print with their fingers as they read.  Cereal boxes also make excellent books. Simple but tons of fun for the children.

Sticker Stories
Submitted by Nancy
Sticker Stories are great for the very young to create a story and they love it. I have a whole book my youngest son made. He is almost 17 and he still loves to get them out.
 I use the lined paper for printing, the large sheets  they use at school to teach printing. Have the child pick out a sticker or choose one yourself and put it in the upper left corner of the writing paper. Ask the child to say what he wants you to write. Sometime I help with the first sentence to get them going, like "Once upon a time there was a little bunny. They go from there. You write down every word they say. Sometimes it doesn't make since but remember it is their story. They get really good at it as they get older. The sticker just helps them get started. You can see there little eyes looking at the sticker and their mind going. I love it. The things they would continue you say at first usually would be, He is wearing a pink shirt. I like the little bunny. Will you play with me, little bunny, things like that. It is amazing what kind of imagination they can come up with. Sometimes it brings out things from their own life experiences. Some good and some not so good, for instance. Bunny is always getting in trouble. no one likes him. From this you can help a child who is having trouble by talking over things that bother them. Anyway, try it, it is fun and the kids are so proud of their stories.


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