We had a "Crazy Hair Day" and this as you can see was one of the absolutely best.

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Crazy Socks Day



Blue painted fingers and white palm make thing 1 and 2.


"_____IN HE HAT"

The bottom strip of our hats is a sentence strip. Each child wrote "their name in the hat". Mrs. Drake In The Hat!


Paint half the tube black and half white. Let dry. Add red stripes on the white half of the tube. Add foam circle for hat brim, googly eyes, and whiskers.


We programmed each hat with a letter of our name then strung them together to make a necklace.



  • Rhyming and opposites are learned and reviewed in this fun game. There are 8 matching rhyming hats to cats and 8 opposite matching hats to cats. Perfect to use with your Dr. Seuss unit. Set up and use as I have here, or use as a FFG, or pocket chart game.
    Download the pages to make this game here.


Get the template here from Creative Learning Ideas
In addition to coloring each shape I had them draw some shapes themselves on the page. Thus the small blue circles.

We graphed if we liked or disliked green eggs and ham. Most were surprised they actually liked it!


We took off one shoe each and laid them heel to toe and measured how many Legos long our class line of shoes was.

After reading Dr. Seuss' The Foot Book we made our own class book. I took pictures of the children sitting down and covered all but their shoes with a large post it note. Can you guess whose shoe this is?

After reading the Foot Book we traced our foot and then measured it. We then colored and decorated our foot. "F" is for foot!


Submitted by Linda
(an idea for the book Put me in the Zoo)
 Using a paper punch make a bunch of paper punch circles of many colors.  After reading the book "Put me in the Zoo" give each child some spots, glue and a piece of paper see what they can make the spots into.

Submitted by Kelly
  I read Dr. Seuss's story Hop on Pop to my class.  When I got the to page hop on pop, I had the children hop on bubble wrap paper so they could hop on pop.  The children had a great time!  For the children in my class who could not hop due to disabilities, they held the bubble wrap in their hands to pop the bubbles.
 We also talked about rhyming words.

Find a large hat and round up small things from the house/classroom to put in the hat..if you really want to get into it..only put in things that rhyme with hat..i.e.  small cat from dollhouse, or word cards with rhyming words that get acted out charade style..then either blindfold kids if they are taking items out and have them figure out what it is..then maybe match to a corresponding word card.  Or if it is cards in the hat, choose a card and act it out...

CAT IN THE Hat snack idea
Then for activity we made mini hats out of round Nilla Wafers (the base), frosting, and fruit-flavored
life savers.  Children had to make a color pattern with their life savers
(each child had three lifesavers of each of the three colors they were given)
and used frosting on each layer when stacking them onto the wafer to create
their mini Cat in the Hat style hat.

How about an enactment of The Sneetches by Dr. Seuss?
Submitted by Anan
After reading the book, cut some pancakes into stars and leave the others round; put them on separate plates, throw in some play money and a McBean machine made out of an old furniture box, and watch the fun begin! Some cleanup may be required.

Whose Shoes...
Submitted by Deb
Have the children bring in their favorite pair of shoes  on the day you read The Foot Book. Have the children wear their shoes for a footwear fashion show. We made a picture  of each pair of shoes and made a flap book called Whose  Shoes? with the shoe picture on the top of the flap and  they can lift the flap to see a picture of the child that wore the shoes. You can also graph the shoes by category: house shoes, tennis shoes, sandals, etc.

Submitted by Deb
We made silhouettes of the children on black paper, cut them out, and glued them on white construction paper. After
reading The Shape of Me and Other Stuff, we let the children guess who the silhouettes were. We put the silhouettes on  the book center for the children to explore and they will  later be sent home as a keepsake. They loved it!

Submitted by Helen
We always make a word family hat in honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday . Students are given the following:
 1 - piece (8 1/2 x 11) piece of red construction paper
3 - (8 1/2 x 2) white strips
1 - (12 x 2) white strip
2 inch strip of tagboard long enough for headband
Students space the white stripes on top of red paper and glue with the longest strip at the bottom. Write a word on each strip. (cat - hat - mat- sat - fat - bat)
Attached the center 8 inches of the 12 inch strip to the tagboard (that way you have a hat band sticking out). Measure to the child's head and secure. Wear with a smile and a bounce in your step!

Cat in the Hat Eatable Hats
Each student will need...

1 Ritz cracker
3 Red Lifesavers (gummy ones would work best)
small amount of white frosting or cream cheese

Students assemble their edible cat's hats by placing the Ritz cracker on the bottom, spreading the white frosting, placing one red lifesaver, spreading more frosting, etc. (alternating the frosting and lifesavers).  Students end up with a miniature Cat in the Hat hat!

Submitted by Gail of the KOS Loop
We make dr. sues hats.  we glue strips of paper on construction paper to make the stovetop part of the hat. we cut out the center of a paper plate and staple top to the plate.

Dr. Seuss
Submitted by Tysharyl
As Theodore Seuss Geisel was a master of rhyme and nonsense, I concentrate on rhyming activities and imagination when celebrating Dr. Seuss Week.
When lining up, I call each child by using a word that rhymes with their name.
Sing daily (Tune: Old Mac Donald)
Dr. Seuss is on the loose
And this is how we know.
Cats, hats, eggs and ham (3)
We love his fun books so!

"Cat in the Hat" alphabet game
Procedure: Have children sit in two rows facing each other. Give each team a paper hat. Hold up letters of the alphabet and if a team guesses the letter correctly, the letter is placed on their hat.
"Cat in the Hat" and "The Cat in the Hat Comes Back"
Recall of story-ask children to name an object that the cat can keep balanced in the air before everything falls. (fish, 2 books, cup, cake, toy ship, milk on dish, rake, toy man, red fan)
Rhyming-Say one of the rhyming words from story and see if children can supply the rhyming word from story.
Discussion-Ask children what they do in their house "on a cold wet day."

Fingerplay-(make 5 tiny hats for fingers)
One little cat on a sunny day
Put on his hat and went out to play
Two little cats when it started getting dark
Put on their hats and went to the park.
Three little cats when the sky was blue
Put on their hats and went to the zoo.
Four little cats by the kitchen door
Put on their hats and went to the store.
Five little cats on a sunny day
Put on their hats and they all ran away.

Rhyming Game
It rhymes with call.
If I trip over my shoelace I could ---------(fall)
It rhymes with hall.
It's round and it bounces-it is a -----(ball)
It rhymes with wish
You put food in it. It is a ----(dish)
It rhymes with that
You wear it on your head. It is a ----(hat)
It rhymes with pat
It's not a kitten, it's a -----(cat)
It rhymes with run
Up in the sky, there is a ---(sun)
It rhymes with sun
If you're having a good time, you're having--(fun)
It rhymes with snake
You put frosting on it. It is a------(cake)
It rhymes with cup
The opposite of down is----(up)
It rhymes with sunny
When something makes you laugh, it is-----(funny)
it rhymes with not
You cook soup in a ------(pot)
It rhymes with say
The opposite of night is------(day)
It rhymes with away
When you use your toys, you---(play)
It rhymes with hop
The opposite of go is---(stop)

"If I Ran The Zoo",
Ask children which animal they would like to have for a pet and why.
Sing, Have you ever see a----------,a------,a---------?
Have you ever seen a --------, that lives in the zoo?
Start with creatures from story and then have child make up their own nonsense names.
(Tune: Did you ever see a Lassie?)

The Foot Book
After reading, ask children to sit in a circle and stretch out their right foot. Describe a shoe and see if children can determine who it belongs to.

I Am Not Going to Get Up Today
After reading, have children lie down on mats and do the following:
Roll with arms extended over head; Keep feet together, reverse direction.
Roll with arms held at the sides of body, reverse direction.
Roll with one arm extended over head and one arm held at side, reverse direction.
Open ended language activity-"Bumble"
I have a dog named Bumble
Who lives at home with me.
Sometimes he likes to hide
Then my dog I cannot see
I looked in the--------------
I looked over the---------
I looked behind the-------
I looked under the----------
Now where can Bumble be?
Silly Sentences
Read the following sentences. Have children verbalize the errors and try to correct the sentences.
I got wet from the sun.
We built a snow pal in the rain.
I swam in the air.
The ice cream burned my tongue
When I took my coffee out of the freezer, it melted
My brother's dress was too tight.
My mother told me to brush my hands.
I wore my new pajamas to school.
I put my hat on my foot.
I was so hot, I put on my coat.
I wanted to color so I got some scissors.
(answers can go various ways - interesting to observe)
Thanks Tysharyl for all these great ideas!

Submitted by Cooter
2 cups corn starch
1 cup water
green food coloring
Give each child a piece of waxed paper on which to play with the blob off oobleck.
 Is it liquid?  Is it solid??  Ask the children how they would feel if it began falling from the sky.  It's a great science activity with easy clean-up.


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