Pete's Buttons

For 2- or more players.

  • Felt shirts
  • Pre program a 6 sided dice with:
  • The number 1 and an arrow pointing right.
  • The number 1 and arrow pointing left.
  • The Number 1 with arrows pointing right and left.
  • The number 1 with spiral.
  • The number 2 with spiral.
  • Cut shirts out of felt.

How to play:

  • Each player chooses 4 buttons and places them on her shirt.
  • The youngest goes first and rolls the dice. If dice shows a number and a right or left arrow they choose any of their buttons and passes to the person on their right or left acording to arrow. If dice shows a number and double arrow they can choose who to pass a button to - the player on their right or left. If the dice shoes a number and a spiral then the player chooses a button and puts it in the middle of the playing table.
  • The first player to rid their shirt of all buttons wins.

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I made an interactive Pete the Cat game after seeing something similar on Pinterest Mine can be used for both Pete The Cat and His White Shoes as well as Pete The Cat and His Four Buttons. My class loves Pete the Cat and we have been having a ball combining the two books.


(Because of copy write laws I had to change name to just Colorful Shoes)

This fun game can be used with your preschool class to help them learn and review their colors. Ten colors and the repetitive poem make this a fun game for all. It is also an easy assessment tool for you! The game was meant to be played on a pocket chart but can be just as easily used on a flannel board.

Get your game here.


My latest is Shoes and Buttons. It is styled after the Chutes and Ladder game where you can move ahead several spaces or go backwards.

Children move their pieces around the board (my pieces are different colored bears cause well we are the bear class). If they land on a square with a road then they can groove on up the road to Pete's shoe and a new square. If they land on a square with a spiral then they follow it down to Pete's popped off button and a new square. The first one to reach Pete's heart wins. Pretty simple, right? Well to make it a more diversified game it can be played 3 different ways depending on the objective the child needs to learn or review. Included with the game is a simple colored spinner.  1.Children spin, identify the color and move to that color on the board.  2. They can roll one or two dice and move the total number of squares shown on the dice roll.  3. Also included with the game is ABC and color cords. The child chooses a card from the top of the deck, names the letter or sound and if correct moves to the next colored square shown on his card. Something for everyone!!! And for fun I stored it all in a pizza box!

To get your very own Shoes and Buttons game click here.


After reading both Pete the Cat White Shoes and Pete the Cat's Four Groovy Buttons we compared the two books using a venn diagram.


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