Cut a groundhog shape out of brown construction paper (I used our bear die cut). Fold in the arms, legs and head. Tell the children the groundhog is sleeping and when we gently drop him in water he will wake up. As the paper absorbs the water the groundhog opens and stretches. Way cool.


The Happy Groundhog
Sung to the tune of (If You Are Happy and You know it)
by vivian Garcia

On the second of February
I will pop up,up,up
And the weather I'm going to check up,up,up.
If the day is nice and bright,
And my shadow is on sight
I will run back
to my burrow in fright, in fright.
If a day gray and cloudy is what I see,see,see
If a day gray and cloudy is what I see,see,see
My shadow won't follow me
Very happy I will be,
Eating veggies, green leaves and running free,free,free.

Discuss with students that an old legend says that the groundhog wakes up from his long winter nap and goes outside, if he sees his shadow he runs back inside his hole or burrow to sleep, indicating that there will be six more weeks of winter.  If does not see his shadow he stays outside to play which means that spring will soon arrive.  The groundhog pop out on February 2.
Discuss with children how the groundhog live, what they eat, (grass, and greens they find around the burrow.)

Tell the children, that when we put objects in the way of the sun or light we create shadows.
Kindergarten students can practice the capital and lower case Gg.  They can illustrate the poem and write or dictate sentences.
Flannel Board; cut shapes from felt to replicate the groundhog and the burrow, the clouds, sun, etc.
Literacy; Read books related to animals that hibernate.
Art. Groundhogs Puppets
Children can use different materials to decorate their puppets
Students dramatize the poem using the puppets

My Shadow Stretches
Submitted by Terrance
In the morning, my shadow stretches (stretch).
At lunchtime, my shadow gets small (crouch).
At sundown, my shadow gets very long (stretch).
 In the dark, I can't find it at all (search with hand shielding eyes).
You'd think it would get tired changing shape(tap head for thinking),
And roll up in a ball (roll hands together).

I’m a Little Groundhog
(sung to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot”)
I’m a little groundhog,
Small and round.
I sleep in a burrow
Deep in the ground.
I look to find my shadow
On Groundhog Day
To tell you if spring is
On its way!

The Little Groundhog
(sung to the tune of “The Hokey-Pokey”)
The little groundhog peeks
From beneath the ground.
He rubs his sleepy eyes and he starts to look around.
He sees his little shadow; then he quickly runs away!
And that’s all for Groundhog Day! Hey!

Burrow,Sweet Burrow
A groundhog digs a burrow deep
In the ground, a place to sleep,
A room for babies, a bathroom, too.
A groundhog knows just what to do!
He digs a home that’s safe and warm,
And keeps him dry in any storm.
Did you know that a groundhog’s burrow is quite complex? A
typical groundhog home contains separate chambers for sleeping,
nursing babies, and using the bathroom.

Seat youngsters in a circle. Choose three student volunteers to hide under a nearby table to represent groundhogs hiding in their holes. Tell the hiding children that when you turn off the lights, they should pretend they are
sleeping. Provide three of the children seated in the circle with a beanbag (evenly spacing the bags between children). Then turn out the lights. Have each child with a beanbag pass it to the child sitting to his left. Have students continue to pass the beanbags until you turn on the lights. The students pretending to be groundhogs awaken and pop out of their holes. The
three children holding beanbags switch places with the groundhogs. Continue the game in the same manner until everyone has had a turn being a groundhog.

(sung to the tune of "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider")
The furry, little groundhog
Goes in his hole to sleep
Through the cold winter's
Snow and ice so deep.

In February,
He stretches to and fro.
Does the furry, little groundhog
Get scared by his shadow?

Groundhog Day
Submitted by Laura
Let the children take turns being Mr. Groundhog popping out of his hole (a
large cardboard box) while everyone recites the poem below:

Groundhog, Groundhog, popping up today
Groundhog, Groundhog, can you play?
If you see your shadow, hide away
If there is no shadow, you can stay
Groundhog, Groundhog, popping up today
Groundhog, Groundhog, can you play?

(For He's a Jolly Good Fellow)
The groundhog's afraid of his shadow
The groundhog's afraid of his shadow
The groundhog's afraid of his shadow
I wish he weren't afraid.

I'm not afraid of my shadow
I'm not afraid of my shadow
I'm not afraid of my shadow
I'm glad that I'm not afraid.

(Twinkle, Twinkle)
Shadows big and shadows small
I see shadows on the wall
Shadows here and shadows there
Lots of shadows everywhere
All the shadows that I see
Big or small, they don't scare me.

Shadows, shadows - oh what fun
I can make them in the sun
I will make some big and tall
I will make some short and small
I make shadows by the light
In my room so late at night

Following cross curricular ideas submitted by Peg
Select a cardboard box that a child can fit into. Have children decorate box to resemble groundhogs's home. Cut large circle out of top. Let children pretend to be groundhogs.
Use a dark colored construction paper and place on it items such as comb, block, scissors, pencil, car, cut out shapes. Place paper with objects in sunlight for 12 - 24 hours. Remove the objects and show children "shadows". Extension - let children now match the objects to the corresponding prints on the paper.

Take children outside on sunny day to explore their shadows. If weather does not cooperate use a flashlight in classroom.

Music and Movement
Little Groundhog
Little groundhog soft and furry (hide thumb in upright fist)
Tried to leave it's hole in a hurry (wiggle fist)
The first tunnel had a dead end (push thumb between third and fourth fingers)
The second had rocks in the bend (push thumb between second and third finger)
The third was not very wide (push thumb between first and second)
But the fourth opened to the outside (push thumb straight up)
Groundhog looked around shook his head (move thumb in circle, shake it)
Ran back in and went to bed! (return thumb to fist)


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