Dinosaur Hats

We used bingo daubers to color paper plates, folded them in half and then stapled them together to make dinosaur hats.

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Dinosaur impressions on playdoh

Discovering Dinosaurs in Ice

I froze some small plastic dinosaurs in ice trays, small cups, and balloons. I gave the kids some spray bottles filled with warm water, hammers, turkey basters and plastic hammers and let them spray and hammer to get the dinosaurs out. Along the way we talked about how warm water melts the ice faster and how the large balloon shaped ice took longer than others to melt.


Each child got 2 biscuits and a plastic dinosaur. They gently pressed the dinosaur between the two biscuits - then I cooked them. The children now use popsicle sticks and paint brushes to gently dig thru the biscuit to fin the dinosaur and even better the impression the dinosaur left on the bottom biscuit.

I added some dinosaurs to our sand table.


Paper Plate Triceratops and Brontosaurus

We colored a paper plate on the back side. Then we cut the plate in half putting one half aside (this is the body). We cut the other half in half again and put one piece aside (this is the head). Glue 3 horns on it's head. Cut the last piece in half to make the legs. Punch holes and insert brads.

Brontosaurus made out of cut up paper plates. They are colored with bingo daubers.


Shape picture.
Cut out various shapes in different colors. Have children create a dinosaur from the bright shapes and stick onto black card. It looks fantastic!
Glove Stegosaurus
This one my 5 year old sister came up with.
Get a surgical glove blow up and tie end. Paint green. Stick four rectangles on. Two on each side. Draw eyes on thumb and mouth. There you have a steogosaurus!

Submitted by Terrance
Extinction Game
 Divide children into two or more teams; teams decide if they want to be Carnivores of Herbivores.  Carnivores walk upright with their elbows tucked in.  Herbivores move on all fours.  Two rolled pairs of gym socks are given to each team for their "nest."
 Teams start around their nests.  All chant:
 Dinosaurs roar!
 Dinosaurs roar!
 Dinosaurs roar!
 and the game begins!
 One or two dinosaurs on each team guard the nest while other dinosaurs try to steal eggs from other nests.  Eggs can not be carried, only kicked. When both of a team's eggs are stolen, they are extinct.

This is my favorite dino activity and recipe
I take a small stuffed dinosaur to Wal-Mart and have them put it in
one of those large balloons (they do it with a special machine and you
usually see them in the floral section). I paper mache' the balloon
and paint it like an egg.  I build a nest in a grassy area near the K
wing and put the egg in the nest.  We "discover" the egg and make lots
of guesses about what could be in the egg.  Each day I cut the egg a
little so it looks like it is hatching.  We do group writing
activities, graph our guesses about what is in the egg and is it
really real :} Finally, the egg cracks all the way and the dino is
revealed.  My kids have always loved this activity and I do too !

Dino Chow
1/4 cup dirt (cocoa)
1/2 cup swamp water (milk with green food coloring)
2 cups crushed bones (sugar)
1/2 cup fat (softened butter)
2 cups dead grass (uncooked oatmeal)
1/2 cup squashed bugs (peanut butter)

Mix dirt and swamp water.  Add crushed bones and fat.  Boil about 3
minutes.  Add squashed bugs and dead grass and stir until melted. 
Remove from heat and stir until mixture begins to thicken.  Drop by
tablespoonfuls onto waxed paper.  Cool, (not in fridge) , eat and enjoy !

Submitted by Janet
These 2 songs are requested frequently by my Preschool students:
 Dino Ditty
 (Sung to Doo Wah Ditty)
 Here he comes just a stompin with his feet
 Singing Dino Ditty Ditty dum ditty do
 Lookin all around for something good to eat
 Singing Dino Ditty Ditty dum ditty do

 He's Huge (teacher)
 He's Huge  (kids)
 He's strong (teacher)
 He's strong (kids)
 He's huge, he's strong, won't be hungry very long. (together)
 Singing Dino Ditty Ditty dum ditty do

 Dinosaurs From Long Ago
 (Navarone) (children repeat phrases after teacher) 
 We're dinosaurs from long ago (repeat)
 We are big and we move slow (repeat)
 When we walk we shake the ground (repeat)
 And we make an awesome sound (repeat)

 Sound off (teacher)
 Roar Roar (students)
 Once more (teacher)
 Roar Roar (students)
 Bring it on down (teacher)
 Roar Roar (students whisper)
 Roar Roar (students loudly)

 Big dinosaurs can gobble up trees (repeat)
 Just like stalks of broccoli (repeat)
 When we walk we shake the ground (repeat)
 And we make an awesome sound (repeat)

 Sound off (teacher)
 Roar Roar (students)
 Once more (teacher)
 Roar Roar (students)
 Bring it on down (teacher)
 Roar Roar (students whisper)
 Roar Roar (students loudly)

Submitted by Marilyn
I cut out brontosaurus, stegosaurus and triceratops shapes from thick cardboard.  I let the children choose which type(s) of dinosaur they wanted.
Then they glued on cheap, bumpy shaped cereal to the cardboard.  The next day they painted their dinosaurs either green, brown or grayish.  (the cereal was to represent their scales).  We attached them to thick tongue depressors to make stick puppets.  I made up the following song for the children to use with their puppets at circle time:

tune: Two little blackbirds

Two big dinosaurs stomping in he sand,
One named Harold, the other named Sam,
Stomp away Harold,
Stomp away Sam,
Come back Harold,
Come back Sam,
Two big dinosaurs stomping in the sand,
One named Harold, the other named Sam.

Another activity I did was to cut out a very large dinosaur footprint.  I then traced the children's feet (with shoes on) in different colors of paper.
For example, Erica's footprints were all in purple- so I made many of hers in purple)
Each child had their own individual color and I cut out alot for each.  Then we glued "our" colored feet onto the very large dinosaur footprint until the children's feet filled in the entire dinosaur print and wrote above it, "

I also purchased dinosaur cookie  cutters and did cookie cutter printing on large white paper and then backed it with brown paper.

After discussing dinosaurs for a few days we made a chart titled "What we Know about Dinosaurs"  Then I charted  their thoughts.  It is a good way to get feedback as to what they actually absorbed about dinosaurs.  Of course, it was very, very simple ideas such as some are big/small/can fly/eat
meat/plants, etc.

4 paper plates
yarn or ribbon
crayons, markers other decorations
fold paper plates in half.  First plate is the hat, then staple the rest on upside down to form the plates on the back. Let child decorate plates. Attach yarn or ribbon to hat so can be tied on child's head.
Children really enjoyed these.

You Will Need:

21/2 cups Flour
21/2 cups Used Coffee Grounds
11/2 cups Salt
1 cup Sand
Up to 1 cup Water
** plastic dinosaurs

How To Make It:

Mix flour, coffee grounds, salt & sand.
Gradually stir in water until mixture holds together.
Use as little water as possible to speed drying.
Allow up to a week to air dry.
** Add the plastic dinosaurs as you are forming the rock, so that
when you crack it open, out pops a baby dino:)

** Looks like a rock when dry!
Breaks open easily!

Dinosaur Ditty
 A prehistoric twist on an old familiar tune will delight your dinosaur lovers from head to tail!
(sung to the tune of "I'm a Little Teapot")
I'm a mean old dinosaur, (Make a mean frown.)
Big and tall. (Reach wide and high.)
Here is my tail (Point to imaginary tail.)
And here is my claw. (Curl fingers on one hand.)
 When I get hungry, (Rub tummy.)
 I just growl. (Growl the word growl with hands around mouth.)
 Look out, kids-- (Reach arms out.)
 I'm on the prowl! (Lunge left and right.)

4 dinosaurs
blue sock
red and blue shoes
Three dinosaurs were playing by a tree when they heard a voice say.
"You can't catch me."
lst looked behind a rock, but all she could find was a big blue sock.
2nd baby dinosaur looked behind some weeds, but all he could find was blue and red shoes.
3rd dinosaur looked up the tree and yelled.  "I can see you.  Can you see me?"
All of sudden the tree began to shake and out of the tree fell their good friend Jake

Materials You Will Need:
Baby Dinosaur (2)
Mommy Dinosaur
Big stone
Baby dinosaur in the egg

Little Dinosaur wanted to play.  He asked his mother to play.
She said, "No, I can not."  "Why not?" asked Little Dinosaur.
"I am too busy," said his mother.

Little Dinosaur decided he would find someone else to play with.
He walked to the edge of the big swamp.  He saw a fish in the water.
"Do you want to play stamp-in-the-Mud?" he asked.
The fish said, "No!"
"Why not?" asked Little Dinosaur.
"I can not" said the fish.  "I do not have any feet."

Little Dinosaur walked along the shore.
He saw a bird.
"Do you want to play Dig-in-the-Sand?" he asked.
The bird said, "No."
"Why not?" asked Little Dinosaur.
"I have to fly away with my mother," said the bird.

Little Dinosaur walked back to where the green grasses grew.
He saw a plant waving its leaves at him.
"Do you want to play Push-the -stones? he asked.
The plant did not say anything at all.

Little Dinosaur felt very sad.  No one wanted to play with him.

He sat down on a big stone.
Suddenly the stone started to wiggle.
It started to jiggle.
It started to shake.
It was an egg.  It HATCHED!
A baby dinosaur stuck his head out of the shell.
"Do you want to play?" said the baby dinosaur.
"YES!" said Little Dinosaur.
They played all day.  The played Dig-in-the-Sand, and Push--the-stones, and Stamp-in-the-Mud.
They had fun.  Little Dinosaur had a new friend.

In my classroom we use Ivory soap bars for soap grating. I use small white plastic graters that fit into a small clear rectangular box container. This I purchased at a dollar store. The soap grater, soap and a cleanup rag are
placed on a tray for a child to choose. The process helps strengthen the small muscles of the hand and eventually makes holding and using a pencil more comfortable. I save all the grated soap in a large plastic tub and having lots of boys in my class we had lots and lots of grated soap. When we studied dinosaurs I picked up packages of small plastic dinos at the same
dollar store. I put them all out on a long table with a plastic tarp on it to protect it from spills. I wrote each child's name on a small paper plate and had them choose a dinosaur for their "egg." I mixed the grated soap with a small amount of water to make a doughy mixture. I then gave each child approximately two tablespoons of the dough and showed them how to mold the dough around the little dinosaur making an egg. I encouraged them to mold it and mold it until it was smooth and then place it on the paper plate to dry. They were able to take it home later in a cut off and fringed brown paper
lunch bag that they referred to as the "nest" for their "egg." One parent told me a few days later that their son bathed for over an hour just to see that dinosaur hatch from the "egg."

Submitted by Lois
Dino Dance
If you want to be a dinosaur, now's you're chance,
'Cause everybody's doin' the dinosaur dance.
Just stomp your feet, move your arms around.
Stretch up, stretch up and now touch the ground.
And you're doin' the dinosaur dance, oh yeah!
You're doin' the dinosaur dance.
You're doin' the dinosaur dance, oh yeah.
You're doin' the dinosaur dance.
(Dance around and do appropriate movements to the rhythm of the dinosaur chant. During the oooooo's and aaaahhhh's, stretch up to the right and down to the left. Continue dancing until the end.)

Dino Dancing.
One of the most favorite things to do was to tie large paper sacks around our feet and stomp around to music, these were are dino feet !

Tyrannosaurus Rex Tag...
Build a Dinosaur Use Hula Hoops to define the water and let children act out the various plant-eating
dinosaurs. When you call out "T. Rex" they scramble to their safe zones inside the hoops.

(Start w/ one number higher than the number of children you have so everyone will have a turn to remove a dinosaur.)
Ten (nine, eight, etc.) huge dinosaurs
Sleeping on a cave floor
One woke up and started to roar,
"There's no room, no more, no more,
No more room on this floor!"
They tossed and turned and pushed galore, (Move dinos around cave)
Till one poor dinosaur was shoved out the door. (have a child remove a dinosaur)
(Continue down to 1 dinosaur LAST VERSE)
One huge dinosaur
Sleeping all alone, on a cave floor,
Wake up and started to roar,
"I'm lonely, come back, it was better before,
It's more fun, crowded together, on the floor."
(Children can put their dinosaurs back in the cave)

Submitted by Lauramarie
Dinosaur hats
My favorite dino idea is to have the kids make bubble wrap prints on long white paper with green, brown, and yellow paint.  When they dry I fold in half lengthwise and cut large jagged edges (spiny plates) along one side.  Staple the jagged side together and leave the other side open.  This is the opening of the hat. Write the child's name with "asaurus" after it (example Maxasaurus-Emmasaurus) or any other dinosaur name ending if you are really clever. We do this unit at the end of the year and the kids love to wear their hats for weeks.  We usually make a lot of extras.

Silly Dinosaur song-
tune is bringing home a baby bumblebee
"I'm bringing home a baby dinosaur
Won't my mommy hide behind the door
I'm bringing home a baby dinosaur."
Stomp, stomp, stomp right through the door.

"I'm bringing home a baby dinosaur
Won't my Daddy fall down on the floor
I'm bringing home a baby dinosaur."
Stomp, stomp, stomp right through the door.

The children love to pretend to pick up a really heavy baby dinosaur and sing this in a really gruff voice.

Submitted by AJ
During our dino unit the children each make paleontologist hats - these are nothing more than a oak tag band that goes around their heads and a "light."  The light is a cut out circle covered in tin foil and glued to the front of
the headband.  Armed with paint brushes, the children go over to the sandbox which has toothpicks and q-tips in it and "dig" for bones.  I give them an outline of a dinosaur and they add the q-tips and toothpicks to re-create the skeleton.

You Will Need:
21/2 cups Flour
21/2 cups Used Coffee Grounds
11/2 cups Salt
1 cup Sand
Up to 1 cup Water
** plastic dinosaurs

How To Make It:

Mix flour, coffee grounds, salt & sand.
Gradually stir in water until mixture holds together.
Use as little water as possible to speed drying.
Allow up to a week to air dry.
** Add the plastic dinosaurs as you are forming the rock, so that
when you crack it open, out pops a baby dino:)

** Looks like a rock when dry!
Breaks open easily!

I folded paper airplanes for the children and let them paste on eyes and color their glider with crayons. Then we had flying contests.
Incorporate math...measuring how far they flew.
science-differences between Pteranodons and birds today

1 red, 1 pink, 1 green dinosaur
1 blue, 1 purple, 1 yellow dinosaur
1 orange, 1 white, 1 black dinosaur
9 little dinosaurs  ROAR
Cut dinos out of felt. Use flannel board to  make a memory game. Have the children close their eyes while you remove one dino. Let them guess what color you removed. Give hints.

Song (to the tune of "Alouette")
Allosaurus, pachycephalosaurus allosaurus, Tyrannosaurus REX!
Stegosaurus, Trachodon Triceratops, Pteranodons
Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs, Ooooohhhh
Allosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus Allosaurus, Tyrannosaurus REX!!!

Dino-Pokey (same as Hokey Pokey)
claws in/claws out/scratch 'em all about/
feet in/feet out/stomp them all about
teeth in/teeth out/chomp them all about
tail in/tail out/wag it all about

Dino Crowns
Need: Sponges, scissors, Construction paper, and paint.
Directions: Cut out sponges in the shapes of footprints that dinos would make. Sponge paint a
crown shape strip of construction paper. Label with child's name, like Chrisosaurus or
Tyranosaurus-Fred, etc.

When learning about dinosaurs, my 3&4's love to make a shoeasaurus. The teacher traces around
the child's shoe onto a piece of construction paper then the child can glue on spikes, a tail, legs
and feet etc...using scraps of paper and/or other art materials. (glitter glue is a favorite with my

Put gummy dinosaurs into an ice cube tray and fill with water. This will reinforce the unit on
dinosaurs and how they died during the ice age. The children get a chance to "save" the dinosaurs
from the ice cubes. They love it!

I put a boiled egg into vinegar for several weeks, we can take it out each day and feel it. After a
few weeks it loses the calcium that makes it hard and brittle, it becomes soft and leathery like a
real dinosaur egg might have felt.

We do the volcano experiment but take it one step further. After we do a large demonstration, I
tell them it's their turn to be scientists. We talk about how important scientists are and how they
do experiments. Then we bring out the equipment. I have a tray with pipette, popsicle sticks,
little cups (we use medicine cups from the hospital), a tub of water, and the most important
ingredients baking soda and vinegar. I show them how to put baking soda in the cup using a stick,
use the pipette to get vinegar and presto, a mini volcano.

Next we talk about how the scientist always cleans his things for the next scientist by rinsing out
his cup in the tub of water. All of this plus extras go into the water table for the kids to
experiment on their own. They love it. Some children will spend all free play there. We also do
this with color mixing, and what dissolves.

Submitted by Kim
"Dazzle the Dinosaur" by Marcus Pfister
"The Dinosaur Egg Mystery" by Val Biro
"Dinosaur Babies" by Lucille Penner
"Baby Stegosaurus" by Beth Spanjian
*make life sized dinosaur foot prints...see how many children will fit into it.

*Make new name tags that read: Joey-o-saurus, or Sarah-o-don....just for fun.

*Put out scraps of color paper and glue and dinosaur shaped pasta and have the children make a dinosaur scene or collage.

*have a large selection of plastic dinosaurs in a pile. Have the children work out a way to put these dinosaurs into groups. for example: all the
long tails or all the ones with spikes...etc. They can come up with great ideas. I love doing this with them. We always group then regroup....and try again...

*if your students are ready for some letter stuff...look at the dinosaur's names....talk about the letters...what are the beginning letters? what
letters are in all the words?

Colorful Dinosaurs (Tune: One Little, Two Little, Three Little Indians)
{Have felt dinosaurs of the various colors to put on flannel board as you sing.}

1 red
1 blue
1 green dinosaur
1 orange
1 yellow
1 white dinosaur
1 pink
1 brown
1 black dinosaur
9 dinosaurs in all!

Play around with this song and start taking away dinosaurs...ask..."Can you guess which dinosaur is gone?" "How many are left?" "Which one is the stegosaurs?" etc., etc.

*we put rice in a huge vat..and buried bones...and plastic eggs that i filled with small dinosaurs....
*get one of those plastic models that you put together..and show it in skeleton form

*find some shells......rocks with fossils...etc and talk about what they are...

*There's a cute poem: "PACHYCEPHALOSAURUS (pak-i-sef-a-lo-saw-rus)" by Richard Armour and another "The steam shovel" by Rowena Bennett. They both appear in Sing A Song of Popcorn,1988 ; Scholastic Inc.

*I know I can probably find more when I have a chance to look, but I get Dinosaur shaped Chicken nuggets from a food wholesaler that some of the providers order from! They are really good chicken (tyson) and the kids think they are great too!

*we took mural paper and cut it into two dino shapes big enough to cover a large table. The first day I left out dino shaped sponges; for the other dino I left out collage materials. Small dinosaurs on 8x11" paper were marble painted on a third day and when dried, mounted on colored construction paper egg shapes. Mounted on a wall; the eggs followed the "parent dinos" walking along. The next day we painted huge leaf shapes and the children painted gold metallic on three or four paper towel rollers. Mounted together on the wall, these made the dinosaur's three-dimensional dinosaur food.

*Cute book:
"If the Dinosaurs Came Back" by: Bernard Most

*You could use brown paper bags and make mountains. Just dampen the bags  with water, (very little) then crumble or squeeze and form mountains. Then  let the kids put some paint on them. Use another for the land and then make  some trees to glue on the land. Put the dinos on there and bravo a dino community. You could make a volcano also with the brown bags and paint. Put it all in a cut off cardboard box for a foundation. Or use shoe boxes and make individual small communities for each child.

*There are lots of snacks that are in dino shapes cookies, jelly candy, animal cookies, ect. Or bake your own with dino cutouts.

* Knowledge Adventure, Inc. (Keyword to: http://www.adventure.com)

*Dinosaur stew... like stone soup. Use a calf femur as the bone and stir the pot with it.

*Sort animals by herbivores or carnivores. Great opportunity to learn some fun words.

*Cut out felt dino shapes... have them match the babies to the parents.

*Dino Soap Box Derby
this is an activity to give the kid's dinosaurs "wheels" ...will also work for other "stuffys, barbie dolls etc!!
Required: -small cardboard box, -four yogurt container tops, -four brads, -crayons or markers, -tape optional: String
Start with a small box and punch four small holes on the sides, about 1/2" from the bottom at each corner. Then take the four plastic yogurt tops and push a small hole in the center of each (you need to do the hole punching). Affix each yogurt top to the box with a brad and you instantly have four wheels (cover the sharp ends of the brad with tape for safety). Attach a string and handle, if you like. The rest is artwork. The child can decide if they want their dinosaur to ride in a school bus, racing car, or pickup truck. When it's finished, let the dino take it out for a spin!!

*Stuffed Dinosaurs:
For each child cut two dinosaur shapes out of brown paper bags or brown  butcher paper. Have the children hold their shapes together while you staple together around three sides. Then let them crumple small pieces of newspaper and stuff them into their dinosaur shapes. When the shapes are full, staple the remaining sides closed. Let the children decorate their stuffed dinosaurs with paint. When the dinosaurs shapes are dry, attach loops of yarn to them and hang around the room. Variation: Punch holes around the edges of the pairs of dinosaurs and let
the children lace together with yarn.

*Dinosaur Fact Book:
Have the children take turns dictating a favorite dinosaur fact to you. Write each child's fact on a separate sheet of paper and let him or her
illustrate the fact with crayons, markers or dinosaur stickers/stamps. Staple the pages together to make a Dinosaur Fact Book.

*Tyrannosaurus Toss:
Draw a picture of a large Tyrannosaurus head on a piece of sturdy cardboard. Use a sharp knife to cut the dinosaur's mouth including lots of teeth. Then prop the cardboard Tyrannosaurus head against a chair or secure it with tape across a doorway. Give the children bean bags and let them take turns "feeding the dinosaur" by tossing the bean bags into its mouth.

*Prehistoric Parade:
Play different types of instrumental music. Have the children move around the room, pretending to be the dinosaurs that the music reminds them of. For example, a march might remind them of Tyrannosauruses; light airy music, Pteranodons; slow music, Apatosauruses, munching on plants in the swamp. When you stop the music, encourage the children to tell you which dinosaurs they were.

*Craft ideas:
*Using clay make a Dinosaur
*color Dinosaur pictures and trees, cut them out and make a 3 D scene in a shoe box
*decorate dino eggs. Look in a book at what the eggs look like (color,spots) and decorate the eggs like you do at Easter to look like the ones in the book
*let kids cut out lots of feet (in the shape of dino feet) and set them on the floor all through your house and go on a dino hunt. Leaving clues to find the Dinosaur where the trail ends. (we used a stuffed Dinosaur at the end of the trail).

Duplicate a dinosaur pattern on construction paper for each child. Have the children decorate their dinosaur. Glue the dinosaur to a sentence strip shaped paper, staple ends of strip together to fit around the head. Have a dinosaur parade with children wearing their dino hats.

*Dinosaur Shadow Box: Shoe box,crayons, grass (real or fake), toy dinosaurs or playdough dinosaurs that children make and rocks

*Draw mountains or marsh on inside bottom of shoe box...turn box onn side and fill shadow box floor with grass, rocks and dinosaurs

*Outdoor play:
Dinosaur is Sleeping
One child is Dinosaur who pretends to be asleep while everyone else hides. The everyone yells "Wake up, dinosaur." Dinosaur wakes up and
tries to find everyone. Let Children take turns being dinosaur.

Let children take turns making up stories using their shadow boxes.

Dinosaurs (tune of "Row Your Boat")
Dinosaurs, dinosaurs
Eating fruits and weeds
Take a bite and chew it well
And then spit out the seeds.

*Learning Time
Make statements to which children answer yes or no. Use such statements
about dinosaurs as:
Dinosaurs ate bushes. (yes)
Dinosaurs drove cars (no)
Some dinosaurs could fly (yes)
Dinosaurs lived in houses (no).

*Dinosaur folder
Children glued cut outs of dinosaurs (from construction paper) on to a file folder. The children also drew whatever they wanted on the folder.
Matching cut-out of what they glued were given to them so that they could do a matching activity with these folders.

Take an empty glass spice jar. Use playdough to surround the jar into a mountain looking structure. Put a drop of food coloring we used green into the spice jar about a tablespoon of baking soda and add vinegar to it to make an erupting volcano.

*Clean Mud
Put two rolls of toilet paper into a container that has a lid. Add water. Let the rolls of toilet paper soak over night. Take 2 Ivory
soap bars and using a grater shave the bars of soap into the container. Let the kids have fun it feels pretty neat make sure the little ones
don't try to eat it though it taste awful.

*Dino Felt Boards
Cut cardboard into square or rectangle shapes (a good size is about 10 inches by 15 inches) Either glue or tape felt to the board for a background give the kids scraps of felt. They can cut out the scraps to make clouds, mountains, grass, etc. Glue these shapes onto the felt on board. We used an Ellison cut-out thingy to cut-out shapes of dinosaurs on felt and the kids had fun with the shapes on their boards.

Dinosaur dreams, Ahlberg, Allen
dinosaurs, dinosaurs, BARTON, BYRON
Derek, the Knitting dinosaur, BLACKWOOD, MARY
Dinosaur at the supermarket, CAMP, LINDSAY
Patrick's dinosaurs, CARRICK, CAROL
big old bones CARRICK, CAROL
terrible tyrannosaurus CHARLTON, ELIZABETH
Little grunt and the big egg DE pAOLA, TOMIE
dinosaur's halloween, DONNELLY, LIZA
dad's dinosaur day, HEARN, DIANE DAWSON
the dinosaur who lived in my backyard, HENNESSY, B.G.
the secret dinosaur, HIRSH, MARILYN
dinosaur, my darling, HURD, EDITH
dinosaur days, MANNING, LINDA
when dinosaurs go visiting, MARTIN, LINDA
If the dinosaurs came back, MOST, BERNARD
whatever happened to the dinosaurs, MOST, BERNARD
dinosaur chase, OTTO, CAROLYN
how I captured a dinosaur, SCHWARTZ, HENRY
dinosaur dress up, SIROIS, ALLEN
dinny and danny, SLOBODKIN, LOUIS
dinosaur roar! STICKLAND, PAUL
We're back!: a dinosaur's story TALBOT, HUDSON
Quiet on account of dinosaur, THAYER, JANE
dinosaur fright, THREADGALL, COLIN
If i rode a dinosaur, YOUNG, MIRIAM
tyrone the horrible, WILHELM, HANS

*Math: Make various large cutouts of dinosaurs. Cut several shapes (circles, squares, triangles, etc. -- or draw irregular "bone" shapes) out of tag board. Use the shapes to draw outlines on each dinosaur -- maybe three or four per dinosaur. Laminate all. Bury the bones or shapes in the sensory table and have children "dig for bones" and match them to the dinosaurs. Photocopy a dinosaur on one side of a paper and its skeleton the backside, lining up the pictures. Children paint dino, glue too small white paper bag. Shining a flashlight up inside will show the
skeleton! Hide dog bones in sensory table Make plaster of paris fossil molds.

Hold a scavenger hunt. Draw simple pictures of various areas in the classroom and number from 1-?? Hide the sheets in the classroom (giving the first card to the children) so that when the children look at each card, it leads them to the next card. Have something special hiding (maybe a dinosaur book for story time??) at the last location. Songs: Brontosaurus is my name My footsteps sound like thunder.
although I'm large, I'm gentle too. And seldom leave the water.

*Make Dino bones 1 cup peanut butter
1 cup dry milk
2 tbs. honey
graham crackers crushed
Combine P.B. and milk add honey mix well divide into equal portions after
shaping them into bones sprinkle with crackers

*measured out the length of a Apatosauruses with yarn 70 feet

*collage a cardboard cut out of different dinos

* My favorite dino idea is the stegosaurus hat. Trace 2 Steg shapes and have
the kids cut them out. Then they use all the scrap construction paper from
other projects to make the spikes and bingo boppers or markers to color the
steggie. We fit it on their heads then and they are a Dino.

We also played a Mommy/Daddy Dinosaur and Baby game. Again, like "Doggie, Doggie" except we used model dinosaurs, the children were either Mommy or Daddy Dino.


*Dinosaur Delight
1/4C dirt (cocoa)
1/2C swamp water (milk with green food coloring)
2C crushed bones (sugar)
1/2C fat (butter)
2C dead grass (uncooked oatmeal)
1/2C squashed bugs (peanut butter)
Mix cocoa & milk. Add sugar and butter. Boil about 3 min. Add peanut butter and oatmeal and stir until melted. Remove from heat and stir until mixture begins to thicken, Drop by tablespoonful onto waxed paper cool, eat and enjoy.....

*Dinosaur Fossils
I save all my old playdough and use it to make fossils. I divide it into small balls and the children roll it flat either on a small paper plate or yogurt lid. Then they press small plastic dinosaurs into it. I usually let them harden for a couple of days before I send them home.

to the tune of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"
Great Big dinosaurs
Lived so long ago.
Some liked land, and some liked water.
Some flew in the air.

Great big dinosaurs
lived so long ago.
Some had horns, and some had spikes.
Some had wings like bats.

Great big dinosaurs
Lived so long ago.
Some ate plants, and some ate meat,
But now there are no more. (Eastberg)

*Ten Big Dinosaurs
(Tune: "10 Little Indians")
1 big, 2 big, 3 big dinosaurs,
4 big, 5 big, 6 big dinosaurs,
7 big, 8 big, 9 big dinosaurs,
Ten big dinosaurs!
They all lived a long, long time ago.
They all lived a long, long time ago.
They all lived a long, long time ago.
Now there are no more.

*Five Enormous Dinosaurs
Five enormous dinosaurs, letting out a roar,
One went away and then there were four.
Four enormous dinosaurs, munching on a tree,
One went away and then there were three.
Three enormous dinosaurs didn't know what to do,
One went away and then there were two.
Two enormous dinosaurs having lots of fun,
One went away and then there was one.
One enormous dinosaur afraid to be a hero,
He (she) went away and then there were zero.

Dinosaur Count
Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, how many do you see?
Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, count them with me.
One in the grass, (thumb)
One near the tree, (index)
One at the river, (middle)
And that makes three!
Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, how many do you see?.....etc
Three at the river, (three fingers up)
One swims away, (index down)
Two dinosaurs (two fingers up)
Can stay and play.

Title: Dinosaur Data (page 1)
Dinosaurs are monsters of the past. The word dinosaur means 'terrible lizard'. There were many
types of dinosaurs, below are some of the most recognizable.
Triceratops (TRI SER A TOPS)
Triceratops looked sort of like a tank. It had a big body and a giant head.
On it's head were two long horns. Its nose looked like a parrots beak. On the nose was a short
horn. Triceratops had a strong ruffle around its neck. Only one dinosaur could beat a triceratops in
a fight. That dinosaur was Tyrannosaurus rex.
Pterodactyl - It had very large wings that helped it fly through the air. It swooped down out of
the sky like a kite diving to the ground.

(Tune: Mary had a Little Lamb)
I'd like to be a dinosaur, dinosaur, dinosaur.
And if I was a dinosaur, I would be a _________.
(Each child has a turn naming which dinosaur
he would like to be)

Lived long ago.
Some walked (stomp in place)
Some swam (pretend to swim)
Some flew, you know! (flap arms at sides)
Some were big (hold hands high)
Some were small (hold hands low)
Some were gigantic--(stretch arms out wide)
V-e-r-y tall! (stretch arms up high)

Tune: "Wheels on the Bus"
Pteranodons' wings went flap, flap, flap
Flap, flap, flap, flap, flap, flap
Pteranodons' wings went flap, flap, flap
All around the swamp

Tyrannosaurus Rex went grrr grrr grrr
Grrr, grrr, grrr, grrr, grrr, grrr
Tyrannosaurus Rex went grrrm grrrm grrr
All around the swamp

Triceratops horns went poke, poke, poke
Poke,poke,poke,poke,poke, poke
Triceratops horns went poke, poke, poke
All around the swamp

Apatosauruses' mouth went munch, munch, munch
Munch, munch, munch
Apatosauruses' went munch, munch, munch,
All around the swamp.

Stegosaurus' tail went spike, spike, spike,
Spike, spike, spike, spike, spike, spike,
Stegaurus' tail went spike, spike, spike
All around the swamp

Little Danny Dinosaur
Counts to three
1 2 3
Little Danny Dinosaur
Bends one knee.
Little Danny Dinosaur
stretches his wings.
Little Danny Dinosaur
Hops and sings.
Tra - la - la
Little Danny Dinosaur
Sits on the floor.
Little Danny Dinosaur
Starts to Roar.


Little Danny Dinosaur.
Lays on the floor.
Little Danny Dinosaur.
Starts to snore.


Quaker Instant Oatmeal with "Dinosaur Eggs" in it. When you add the hot water the "eggs" melt and reveal tiny little dinosaurs! The kids LOVE it!

Dinosaur Dirt Digs

Mix instant chocolate pudding with white chocolate chips and place in a clear plastic cup. Top off with crushed cookie crumbs. Have the children pretend they are going on a dinosaur dirt dig and finding dinosaur bones (the white chocolate chips). Their spoons are their shovels.

For a VERY easy dinosaur snack idea, try finding the Dinosaur Fruit Snack packs. My kiddos love looking at the different kinds of dinos in their packages and there is virtually no mess for those really busy days!

Dino Eggs
You need enough hard boiled eggs for everyone in your class. Have children bang hard boiled eggs on table making cracks in them. Put in a cup of water and choice of food coloring. Let sit for the day. For snack open up the egg shell and you can see neat designs from the cracks and food coloring. It is safe to eat...

Edible Volcano
Buy a box of ice cream cones and have each child bite off the tip. Let the children drizzle squeeze frosting in red, orange, and yellow for "lava"
coming down the sides. Set the volcano in chocolate pudding (for the lan) and add gummy dinosaurs around the base.


Dinosaur in the Dell. It gives the children a chance to say the dinosaur names and to pretend to be dinosaurs.

Stegosaurus *Costume*
For an art project, we use the long construction paper as the base, then the children cut out the plates...3-4 (for the little ones or kids who have difficulty with cutting, we pre-cut some and let them cut 1 or 2), then have them fold on the dotted line and glue to the long paper. Hole punch twice in the end, attach strings and they tie around like a cape. Use green and purple colors, or brown and green. Then we are off down the halls (we are in an elementary school) for a dino parade!

Submitted by Teach1998
Our Kindergarten team is putting on a dinosaur production in April so we have been very busy with dinosaur projects.  Here are some of them:
Small clean milk cartons with the tops cut off
Plaster of Paris
Small dinosaurs
Plastic knife
Wood block or small hammer

Mix plaster of paris in the milk carton, about 1/2 full.  Press in small dinosaurs so they are covered up with the plaster.  Wait 1-2 days for it to dry.  When the plaster is dry, have the students rip open the cartons to expose the "rock."  I gave each student a large piece of construction paper to place their rock on and explained we were going to become paleontologists (they were taught this word prior to this activity).  I also gave them a plastic knife, a wood block (to be used as a hammer), and their toothbrushes which I had asked for the week before the "dig."  They were to "dig" carefully by chipping away at the "rock" until they found their dinosaurs.  They used the toothbrushes to clean away the "dust."  My kindergarten class was thrilled when they found their dinosaurs.  They even knew which dinosaur they found by name.  I then took the "rock" pieces and hot glued them to cardboard squares to show the "fossils" (the indentations of the plastic dinosaurs) they discovered with the saying, "Fossil discovered by..."  These went into our "museum" of dinosaur items.
We also made "Dinosaur Eggs"
small dinosaurs
glue (watered down)
Stretch the neck of a balloon and insert a small dinosaur into the balloon.  Blow it up and tie off.  Using strips of newspaper and glue, we paper mache (spelling) the balloon until it was completely covered.  I hung these in the class from the ceiling to dry. (make sure you put paper under the balloons--messy!)  It took 2-3 days to dry.  My children then painted their "eggs" the color of their choice.  We will be making a large nest from a cardboard box to display the "eggs" at our dinosaur production.  The children will take them home after our production.  They will be given the assignment of describing when the egg hatched, what kind of dinosaur was born, and how they felt when their "baby" was born.

Submitted by Beth
This may have been mentioned...I hope not.  When I do dinosaurs, I borrow real dinosaur fossils....and other fossils from the local Life Science Museum.  We tie the dinosaur theme into fossils because this is how we know so much about dinosaurs.  Also, around Easter, they sell Jello Jiggler molds that are shaped like Easter eggs.  I put a gummy dinosaur into each one (while still liquid).  Then, when the children eat them, they find a "baby dinosaur" inside.  We also put a gummy dinosaur into a cup of crumbled cookie (dirt and rocks).  The children went on a "dig" to find the dinosaur.  Just a couple more ideas.

Submitted by beth
Dinosaur Puppets
Supplies: Markers or crayons, Strip of 4 paper egg carton cups ATTACHED, Strip of 2 paper egg carto sups attached, Sock, Rubber bands, tape
Step 1- Use markers to decorate the 4 egg cups *any* way the children want draw eggs on the 2 egg cups Step 2- Slip your hand inside the sock.Place the four egg cups on the top of the sock. with adult hep,put the rubber band on each end of the cups. The rubber bands help keep the egg cups on your arm Step 3- with adult help, tape the eyes to the sock near the toe area of the sock. Now open and close your hand to make the puppet look like its talking.
Dinosaur Snouts
Supplies:Disposable Cups, Construction Paper, Glue, Yarn
Use any kind of disposable cup. Cut bottom off and then cut large "V" slits up each side from bottom. Add const. paper or rick rack teeth, add tongues, whatever else somes to mind. Punch a hole on each side and add yarn to tie on to kids faces.

Submitted by Carol
shoe box top, lightly moistened sand, plaster of paris
We discuss dinosaurs, read dino books, serious and fun, paleontology and anthropology.  One of my threes told me on his own the other day that he wanted to be a paleontologist when he grows up.  He even pronounced it properly!
Fill box top with slightly moistened sand.
Have child push hand into sand to make imprint.
Fill imprint with plaster of paris and let dry over night.
Let the children use tooth brushes to clean off their "fossil imprint."
They really love this and look soooo cute cleaning with their little tooth brushes.

Submitted by Diane
Hi everyone,  Several years ago I taught a kindergarten enrichment program and we spent two weeks on dinosaurs.  One of their favorite projects was to make our own dinosaur. First we voted on which dinosaur we wanted to make.  One year a stegosaurus and the othe a t-rex.   We collected shoe boxes from the parents, all sizes to be used as the feet,legs, arms and tail.  We then found a large box for the body and a slightly smaller one for the head.  For the stegosaurus, we cut a flat piece of cardboard for his head.  We then took turns painting each piece with a mixture of green and brown paint.  Obviously, this took us a few days to complete.  We hot glued the tops on the shoe boxes and the legs to the feet, etc.  It takes a little imagination as it is difficult to explain each detail in writing.  On the head we painted the eyes and mouth complete with teeth.  For the tail we used smaller shoe boxes and wired them together in order that they might hang correctly.  When it was completed we named it and put it on display for all to see.  It then wound up in our public library on display.  The children were very proud of their accomplishment and it was fun to do.

Submitted by Carol
We always take the opportunity to expand our little one's imaginations with our unit on dinosaurs.  After spending some time reading (real and imaginary accounts, serious and funny) and talking about and of course looking at lots of pictures of dinosaurs, we tell the children that they are going to become authors.  We start the story with the infamous  "Once upon a time..........." and go to children individually to write a dino story.  As we go from child to child we read and reread what has already been written and each child gets to add his ideas to the story.  In the past we have sent copies of these stories home with the children who have been able to draw well and they illustrate the story for us.  We put it into "big book" form and share it with each family.  Every child gets a chance to take the book home and read it with their families.
As you can well imagine we get some really wonderful stories by the time everyone has shared!

Fosilized Dinosaur Eggs
Submitted by Robin
2-1/2 cups Flour, 2-1/2 cups Used Coffee Grounds, 1-1/2 cup Salt, 1 cup Sand, Up to 1 cup Water, Small plastic dinosaurs
Mix flour, coffee grounds, salt, & sand.
Gradually stir in water until mixture holds together. Use as little water as possible to speed drying because these can take up to a week to dry. Mold by the handful around a plastic dinosaur in an egg shape. These look like rocks and the kids can break them open with a hammer.

Dinosaur Dig Snack
Submitted by Kay
small paper cups, plastic spoons, gummy dinosaurs, fruit loops cereal
Give each child a cup and a spoon. Have her place a gummy dinosaur in the bottom of the cup. Then let her fill the cup with cereal. Ask her to eat the cereal down to the dinosaur.   Have a dino-mite time!!!

Dinosaur Dig
Submitted by Mary
Collect clean chicken bones to fill a medium size zip lock bag. Bury some in your sand table and section the table into 6 divisions and place a colored flag in each section as bones are found. Have children use old paint brushes to dust their fossils. Who got the most, least, biggest, smallest...etc.
Dinosaur Skeleton
Use the bones gathered and some extras to let the children put together a skeleton on a dinosaur shape and glue in place. This is a good time to gather all those dry science books with great pictures.
science Friday
Wrap up the week by exploring the feel of bigger chicken bones left in a jar of vinegar since Monday. Be sure to save some same size bones to compare the before and after state.

Submitted by Suzanne
Layered Earth
Each child will need:A clear plastic cup, A plastic spoon, Graham cracker crumbs, Vanilla-flavored yogurt, Chocolate cookie crumbs, Chopped Peanuts,
Help each child layer into their cup:Graham Crackers, Yogurt, Peanuts, Yogurt, Cookie crumbs
Enjoy at once or allow to chill for several hours.  This is also a good activity for a gardening unit.
Fossil Prints
Ritz Crackers, Spreadable cream cheese, Celery leaves, Gummy dinosaurs
Help each child spread the cream cheese onto her cracker.  Press in a celery leaf or a dinosaur and lift up to show the "fossil".

Following long list of songs and fingerplays submitted by Sue and Robin
Never go to lunch with a dinosaur
They're a mean foul nasty group
They burp and slurp and never sit down
They are likely to step in your soup
The biggest are called vegetarians
Which means they eat grass and trees
But when you are longer than a school bus
You can eat what ever you please
The rest are called Carnivores
Which means they eat most meat
IF there are not enought hot dogs to go around
They probably will eat you feet
And when it comes time to clear the plates
They'll try to sneak away
Instead of helping with the dishes
They'll try to go out and play

A stegosaur came through my door
And stomped across the kitchen floor
A prehistoric visitor
Was more than I had bargained for
"What brings you to my kitchen floor?"
I asked this giant dinosaur
Is it the plant that's near the door,
The one that measures five foot four?
Oh yes!, it answered with a roar,
I'm hungry and my belly's sore.
There's nothing in the dinostore
To feed a famished herbivore
A leafy lunch, a crunchy core
Is all the food I'm looking for.
If you agree to feed me more,
This tempting plant I shall ignore.
I spread some green across the floor,
Then stood by in the corridor.
And watched the starving stegosaur
Gorge salad, soup and apple core.
It left no litter on the floor,
And thanked me at the ktichen door.
I've never dined like this before,
I promise I'll be back for more!

To the tune of Mary had a Little Lamb:
Dinosaurs are very different, very different, very different,
Dinosaurs are very different, but they are very big.
Tyrannosaurus was a mean old thing, mean old thing, mean old thing,
Tyrannosaurus was a mean old thing, cause he ate up all the others.
Anklyosaurus back was curved, back was curved, back was curved,
" back was curved, that's how he got his name.
Trachadon had 2000 teeth, 2000 teeth, 2000 teeth,
" had 2000 teeth so he was called rough toothed.
Stegosaurus was all bumpy, was all bumpy, was all bumpy,
" was all bumpy and he only ate plants.
Brontosaurus was very big, was very big, was very big,
" was very big and he lived with Fred Flintstone.
Now you know about dinosaurs, dinosaurs, dinosaurs,
Now you know about dinosaurs, so I think that I am through.

by Jean Warren
Once there was a dinosaur
Who tried and tried, but couldn't roar!
He would open up his mouth real wide,
But all he found were giggles inside.
He couldn't be mean, he couldn't be gruff
He couldn't roar, he couldn't be tough.
"I wish I could roar," the dinosaur said
Every night as he went off to bed.
And what do you know, one day he could roar,
He roared all day till his throat was sore.
But when he looked, he was all alone,
No one had liked his roaring tone.
Being tough wasn't much fun,
If it meant you were the only one.
So the next time the dinosaur went out to play
he took his roar and threw it away.
Then he opened up his mough real wide,
And shared again the giggles inside.
So, if you think you need to roar
Just remember the dinosaur.
It;s better to have a lot of fun,
Than to be the only roaring one!

Sung to: Mary had a Little Lamb:
Dinosaurs walked on this Earth,
On this Earth, on this Earth.
Dinosaurs walked on this Earth,
A long, long time ago.
Tyrannosaurus Rex was the king,
Was the king, was the king.
Tyrannosaurus Rex was the king,
A long, long time ago.
Tyrannosaurus (child's name) was the king,
Was the king, was the king.
Tyrannosaurus (child's name) was the king,
A long, long time ago.

(tune of "Row Your Boat")
Dinosaurs, dinosaurs
Eating fruits and weeds
Take a bite and chew it well
And then spit out the seeds.

Going on a dinosaur hunt. (slap thighs)
And I'm not afraid. (point to self)
There's a tall mountain. (look with hand over eyes)
Can't go under it. (move hand down)
Can't go around it. (move hand around)
Guess I'll go over it. (reach hands as if climbing)
Can't go over it.
Can't go under it
Guess I'll swim across it. (move arms as if swimming)
There's some tall grass.
Can't go over it
Can't go around it
Guess I'll go through it (slap hands up and down in front)
There's a cave!
Can't go over it
Can't go under it.
Guess I'll go in it
It's dark and spooky in here (shake)
It's cold in here! (wrap arms around self and shiver)
I feel some scales (prentend to rub something)
I feel some big teeth! (pretend to touch something)
OHH!  It's a Dinosaur! (scream)
Run out of the cave (slap thighs)
Go through the grass
Swim across the river
Climb the mountain
Run hope (slap thighs)
Open the door
Jump into bed (cover head with arms as if hiding under a blanket)
I went on a dinosaur hunt
And I wasn't afraid!

(Tune:  "The Wheels on the Bus ")
The tyrannosaurus rex had great big teeth,
Great big teeth, great big teeth.
The tyrannosaurus rex had great big teeth,
When the dinosaurs roamed.
Additional verses:
The apatosaurus had a very long tail......
The diplodocus' nostrils were on top of his head.........
The saltopus was as small as a cat.......

(Tune:  Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear)
Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, stomped around.
Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, shook the ground.
Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, some gave fear.
Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, we wish you were here.
(Tune:  Mary had a Little Lamb)
I'd like to be a dinosaur, dinosaur, dinosaur.
And if I was a dinosaur, I would be a _________.
(Each child has a turn naming which dinosaur he would like to be

(Tune:  Where oh where did my little dog go)
Oh, where, oh where did the dinosaurs go?
Oh, where, oh where can they be?
They were much too big to just disappear.
It sure is puzzling to me!

 (Tune:  Muffin Man)
Oh, do you know the stegosaurus?
The stegosaurus, the stegosaurus?
Oh, do you know the stegosaurus?
He had plates upon his back.
Apatosaurus......he has a very long neck.
Tyrannosaurus rex......he was very fierce.
triceratops....he has three big horns.

(Tune:  Ten Little Indians)
One little, two little, three little dinosaurs,
Walking in the forest and walking on the seashores.
It makes me sad they're not around anymore
Dinosaurs were really grand.

DINOSAURS (tune of "Row Your Boat")
Dinosaurs, dinosaurs
Eating fruits and weeds
Take a bite and chew it well
And then spit out the seeds.

The first big dinosaur went stomp, stomp, stomp
I said to the first dinosaur, "Stop, stop, stop!"
The second big dinosaur went run, run, run,
I said to the second dinosaur, "Fun, fun, fun!"
The third big dinosaur went thump, thump, thump.
I said to the third dinosaur, "Jump, jump, jump!
The fourth big dinosaur went whack, whack, whack
I said to the fourth dinosaur, "You stay back!"
The fifth big dinosaur went creep, creep, creep.
I said to the fifth dinosaur, "It’s time to sleep!"

Five huge dinosaurs, looking fierce and mean
The first one said, "I eat things that are green"
The second one said, "I hatched from an egg"
The third one said "I have big, strong legs"
The fourth one said "I can fly through the air"
The fifth one said "I give everyone a scare!"
THUMP THUMP came Tyrannosaurus Rex that day,
And the five huge dinosaurs all ran away!

Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, how many do you see?
Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, count them with me.
One in the grass, (thumb)
One near the tree, (index)
One at the river, (middle)
And that makes three!
Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, how many do you see?.....etc
Three at the river, (three fingers up)
One swims away, (index down)
Two dinosaurs (two fingers up)
Can stay and play.

Five big dinosaurs, five and no more (five fingers up)
One chased a butterfly, and then there were four. (thumb)
Four big dinosaurs, eating on a tree;
One went for a swim and then there were three. (index d.)
Three big dinosaurs, didn't know what to do.
One went fishing and then there were two.
Two big dinosaurs can still have fun,
But one went for dinner and that left one.
One big dinosaur watched the setting sun.
He closed his sleepy eyes, and then there were none!
(fingers go down, one by one)

Dinosaurs walked liked this (walk slowly, heavy movement)
And like that.
They're terribly big and terribly fat!
They have no fingers, but mighty big toes (point to toes)
And goodness gracious, how they grow!

Older than books, than scrolls,
Older than the first tales told,
Or the first words spoken are stories in the forest that turned to stone
in ice walls that trapped the mammoth in the long bones
of dinosaurs - the fossils stories that begin ..........Once upon a

Once a mighty dinosaur
Sat down upon a jungle floor
He died, he did, without a name,
And no one cried. (Oh! what a shame)
Then many, many years went by.
The bones he left lay old and dry.
They dug, they did, some time ago.
And found his bones; that's how I know.
Now, somewhere in a big museum,
If you go there, you can see 'em:
Enough to make a dinosaur.

Ten huge dinosaurs were standing in a line.
One tripped on a cobblestone and then there were.....
Nine huge dinosaurs were trying hard to skate.
One cracked right through the ice, and then there were...
Eight huge dinosaurs were counting past eleven.
One counted up too far, and then there were.......
Seven huge dinosaurs learned some magic tricks.
One did a disappearing act, and then there were....
Six huge dinosaurs were learning how to drive.
One forgot to put in the gas, and so then there were....
Five huge dinosaurs joined the drum corps.
One forgot the drumsticks, and then there were......
Four huge dinosaurs were wading in the sea.
One waded out to far and then there were....
Three huge dinosaurs looked for Mr. Soo.
One gave up the search, and then there were....
Two huge dinosaurs went to the Amazon.
One sailed in up to his head, and then there were...
One huge dinosaur knew his friends had gone.
He found a big museum, and then there was....

Thnaks Sue and Robin for submitting all these fun fingerplays and songs

Submitted by Theresa
This is an activity that I complete as a center in my Kindergarten class.
1 for each child- 11" egg-shaped cut-outs from grocery bags
1 for each child- 11" egg-shaped cut-out from white construction paper
Markers and crayons
A heavy cardboard box with a lid
Green and purple paint
Large paint brushes
Three small bouncing balls

Each child is to decorate white egg shape with a baby dinosaur of his/her own choosing. Illustrate, color, and write the name of the kind of dinosaur. I leave picture cards of different dinosaurs on the table with the names of the dinosaurs so that the children can copy if needed. While the group at the center is drawing their pictures, have one child at a time bring their brown egg to you to "speckle". The grocery bag egg gets placed inside and have the child splash the green and purple paint inside the box. Add the three bouncing balls and the lid and let them shake thier sillies out!!!!!! Remove the egg from the box and dry. Once they are completed staple speckled egg as the cover to the baby dinosaur picture and Voila!- A GREAT IDEA FOR AN INTERACTIVE BULLETIN BOARD!!! --- Guess what babies are inside of the dinosaur eggs????????????



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