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This fun game can be used with your preschool class to help them learn and review their colors. Ten colors and the repetitive poem make this a fun game for all. It is also an easy assessment tool for you! The game was meant to be played on a pocket chart but can be just as easily used on a flannel board.

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Teach your preschoolers their colors, how to spell each word, and what colors are mixed to make secondary colors. You get ten 8.5 x 11 fully-colored books in fun crayon box shape to use as the master teacher books or print several for small reading groups. Students get their own smaller version black-line books to color, sequence, and take home. Books are to familiar tunes!
Colors: Red, blue, yellow, green, purple, orange, pink, brown, black, and white- each book has it 's own cleaver, familiar tune.


At the end of last year I cleaned out my closet and found so many unused centers, work jobs, and manipulatives that I have made over the year I swore to myself that this summer  I would not make anything else new and use what I already have. That lasted about a month. I honestly love creating new things and could do it all day everyday.
So here is my latest. My good friend, Mrs. B from kindergarten requested some easy reader flip books that concentrate on color words and a few sight words. I am so excited to share these books with her and you.  These little 'flip books' are a great way to both introduce and review colors and color words to your early emergent readers and writers!


Part of marvelous Matching Math Centers

This interactive book is a huge hit with all my students. There are 5 icons for each color. Pretty simple for most but I also require that when finished they put all the pic icons back and not in order. And that is harder for most.

This 50 page set contains 5 different games that address color matching, shape matching, one-one correspondence, numeral recognition, and counting. These games are perfect for math centers and review. Each game is meant to be made using a 1" binder. The math pages are bound using the bottom two rings. Thin Velcro strips are mounted to the top of the binder where the playing pieces are stored. Easy storage. Games can also be played as math mats.
Packet includes:
Crazy Color Matching - 10 color cards with 55 playing pieces, cover page, illustrated instructions
Simply Shape Matching - 8 shape cards with 40 playing pieces, cover page, illustrated instructions
Pumpkins on a Vine - 10 math cards with 55 playing pieces, cover page, illustrated instructions
Counting Circus Balloons - 10 math cards with 65 playing pieces, cover page, illustrated instructions
Bears in a Cave - 10 math cards with 55 playing pieces, cover page, illustrated instructions


Color word recognition

How to Make:
Print Maxwell Monkey (get your free pattern here) clothes and color words patterns on white cardstock.
Program on large chart paper the title, “Maxwell Monkey”, as well as this poem:
Maxwell Monkey is my name
Dressing me is the game.

Cut out and glue Maxwell to the far left side under the poem. To the right of Maxwell write these sentences:
My hat is ______________
My shirt is _____________
My pants are ___________
My shoes are ___________
Cut apart the clothing and shoes and laminate them for durability.
Make 6 color cards by writing the colors red, blue, yellow, green, orange, and purple on cardstock. Laminate them for durability.
Put Velcro on Maxwell at the dots and on the back of the clothing and color words.

How to Play Maxwell Monkey:
Dress Maxwell Monkey first and then read the poem.
Have each child in turn place the correct color word in the blank.
Or leave Maxwell undressed and fill in the color words. Let a child have a turn reading the words and dressing Maxwell accordingly.


We finger painted red and yellow and made orange. The best part was hearing them say... "It's working!"




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