I printed a rudolph and glued it on a paper bag. I used some chocolate candy as the nose and add this poem:" Mrs. Drake 'nose' you are an awesome student". I filled the paper bag with candy, pencil, theme eraser, and some things from Oriental Trading.

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One of our favorite December centers is gift wrapping. I use an empty tissue box and pre cut wrapping paper. I put out the wrapping paper, scotch tape, a bow, and the tissue box. Two children choose a sheet of wrapping paper and wrap the tissue box. The tape the bow to the top and then together present it to another child or teacher. The recipient unwraps the gift, thanks toe giver and then throws away the used paper. All is put back on the tray for the next group to use.



Materials: 1. TP tubes
2. Die cut star shapes
3. Glitter
4. Glue

I let each child choose either red or green to paint their TP tube. While it was drying we squirted glue around the perimeter of their star (yes, this took a lot of teacher assistance). I again let them choose silver, gold, or white glitter which we sprinkled generously. When everything dried we glued it to the TP tube to make a tree topper.


The cute presents have the best surprise of all inside!

  • 5 x 5 Square white card stock or construction paper.
  • Red and green squares
  • Bows
  • A picture of each child wearing a Santa hat

Cut about one inch off the top of the square to make a lid. Children decorate both the box and lid using the red and green squares or paint. Tape their picture to the back of the decorated box as if they were popping out. Top off with a bow.


I found this on Pinterest and loved it. It was not a very successful activity with my 4's. They enjoyed painting the background but didn't understand the die cut of Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. They couldn't tell difference and asked why Baby Jesus had a hole in his head. LOL


We made the wreath using a yellow kitchen sponge - see below- to make the wreath. First we dip it in white paint, then green, then dark green paint. Using a light touch we dabbed the paint in an oval. When dried we added finger print berries, bow and a class picture in the center. Huge hit with kids and parents.




  • Paper plate with center cut out.
  • White strips of construction paper
  • Red triangle
  • Cotton balls

start with the red triangle and let the children glue on a row of cotton balls on the bottom and one at the top. Glue the hat to the top of the cut out paper plate. Children glue the white strips on the opposite side of the paper plate to make a beard. To curl the beard roll a pencil in each strip. We used these masks to put on a small show at our Christmas party singing Must be Santa."




Poster board shaped lights were painted and then glitter applied. These are strung across the wall and look great!


We water colored the angel then painted the wings with glitter glue finishing it off with a picture of each child and a pipe cleaner halo. Our weekly Bible verse is written on the angel's dress: "The angel said, 'I bring you good news of great joy.'" Luke 2:10


Toilet paper tubes painted white with cut doilies as wings. Styrofoam heads connected with gold pipe cleaner. Gold pipe cleaner halos finish these off.


Hand prints make the wings, a cut doily makes the body. The children drew on faces.


You can't see it but the angel shapes are filled with white glitter


Child's hand print is copied and cut out of stiff white felt. Stiff red felt is used for the cap. Googly eyes and pom poms are used to finish it off .


We made reindeers by tracing our shoe and making hand prints with paint. Add googly eyes and a red pom pom nose.


We made reindeers by folding brown construction paper, cutting a U shape out of bottom, cutting a triangle and coloring eyes, glue a red pompom nose and pretzels for antlers.


Santa pop-up. Santa pops in and out of chimney


Wreaths - I got this idea from Green Gables Elem website. She has detailed instructions on how to make it. I had to tweak it a little for my 4 year olds but it still was a fun project with lovely results.


We made applesauce/cinnamon ornaments. Two parts applesauce to one part cinnamon. Boy these made our room smell delicious for days!


GRAPHING: Where Did You get Your Tree?


We used foam Christmas stickers to make an ABC pattern: tree, santa, candy cane.


We used red and white beads to make candy canes. Great fine motor too.







Red and green rice in the sensory table



This is a great nativity set for my classroom - easy for the kids to retell the story of Jesus' birth and non-breakable.



We talked about how candy starts out as a liquid which is poured into a mold and when it cools off it is in the candy cane shape and now a solid. Our science question was: "Can we change the shape of a candy cane by slightly melting it?" Then I took a piece of foil and shaped it in a zig zag form and placed the candy cane on top and heated it in an oven for 250 degrees for approximately 5 min. Above is the new shaped candy cane.



We are counting down till our last day of school and Christmas party. The poem on the star is:
From Dec. 1st to Christmas holidays
Is the longest time of year.
Seems as though holidays will never appear.
How many days till Christmas is hard to count.
So this little paper chain will tell you the exact amount.
Take off a link everyday
It isn't very hard
Christmas holidays will begin
When you reach the star!


One of our parents made this for our classroom party. Brown construction paper wrapped around the front and sides of a juice box (not on back to keep straw exposed). Add googly eyes, pom pom nose, smile, and gold pipe cleaner antlers.

One of our parents made these delicious candy trees with pretzel stems.

Made these free standing Christmas tree's which will be the centerpieces for our Christmas lunch table.


We made Rudolph sandwiches for a late afternoon snack. These were yummy!


Christmas Poems, Songs & Fingerplays

Five Little Bells
Five little bells, hanging in a row.
The first one said, "Ring me slow."
The second one said,  "Ring me fast."
The third one said,  "Ring me last."
The fourth one said,  "I'm like a chime."
The fifth one said, "Ring me at Christmas time."

Five Little Elves
This little elf went to the workshop, (point to thumb)
This little elf stayed home,  (point to index finger)
This little elf ate a candy cane, (point to middle finger)
This little elf ate none,  (point to ring finger)
This little elf cried, "HO, HO, HO,"  (point to little finger)
All the way home!

Glass Ball Ornaments
Submitted by Karen
Get the clear plastic ornaments at an arts/crafts store.  Remove the top (silver hook) part, and pour in a very small amount of one color of acrylic paint. (We've used red, green and gold and let the kids choose which of those colors they wanted to use.) Show them how to put their finger over the open hole, and then let the child shake and move the ball around, and the paint will "swirl" on the inside of the ball.  You can let it dry for a few minutes before adding a second color, so that they don't mix too much.  We added gold glitter to the paint for a really sparkly ornament.  You can actually get acrylic paint that has a sparkly tint to it around Christmas time. When the child is through, I recommend you turn the ball upside down on a paper towel to allow for the excess paint to dribble out.   We've done this project w/two-year-olds all the way up to eight-year-olds.  There's no way to mess it up!

Christmas craft
Submitted by Diane
Hi everyone,  We close for the Christmas on Dec. 13 so our time for crafts is limited.  One of the things I like to do with my threes is a counting tree.  I purchase the mini cupcake liners, in festive designs if I can find them.  Draw a large triangle tree on green paper and they glue on the liners starting with one at the top, two in the next row, then three, four and five on the bottom.  It reinforces our study of numbers and looks really cute.  If you use the plain liners, you could add stickers or sequins, etc. in the middle of each liner.  Obviously you could do this a lot cheaper with shapes or pompoms but the liners give it a three dimensional look.  It can get "pricey."  You will need fifteen liners for each child so you need to bargain shop Christmas Crafts
Submitted by Margie
1st way:  Using the rubber band paintbrush; dip it in dark green, light green and white paint.
Tap/slap/paint/etc. a white paper plate w/the center cut out. When dry glue a red bow to top and a hook on the back
2nd way:  Using Shredded Wheat (torn up in a big bowl) pour green colored glue into it and mold it into a wreath.  Let dry on wax paper and turn after one day to dry the bottom too.  Use your minimizing touches on it.

By square memo pads and separate them....leaving enough height for each student, though.

Using acrilic paints...stamp figures on the sides of the pads.....

PAPER BAG ORNAMENTS (these are gorgeous)...
Using paper bags...cut out star shape.  Use acrylic paint (or paint glue over regular paint so it won't
peel when dry) paint the star red...add the face to the top, pant and coat cuffs etc.  Use black permanent
marker to add facial features, etc....
Now glue the sides together and leave enough room to stuff a few cotton balls into the middle. Glue the
rest shut...attach a hanger to the top.
Do the same craft w/snowman shape.  Draw w/blk permanent marker little seam lines around the entire
snowman.  Looks really cute.

Apple Cinnamon Ornament
Submitted by Betty
Materials Needed:
•Applesauce •Cinnamon •Cookie Cutters •Straw •Ribbon
Mix pretty much equal parts of the applesauce and the cinnamon until you get it to be a nice clay consistency. roll the dough out on wax paper until it is 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick. Use the cookie cutters to cut out holiday shapes. With the straw, poke a small whole towards the top of the shape. Put the shapes in a dry spot to dry, this takes a few days! Once your sweet-smelling ornaments are dry you can string a 8 - 10 inch piece of ribbon through the hole you made with the straw and hang it up!

Christmas Art
Submitted by Mary
If you plan on doing marble painting this holiday season use a few jingle bells instead of marbles.  We tried this today and it added a festive sound at the art table.
We jingle bell painted on white paper with red paint.  After the papers were dry the kids cut out two candy cane shapes.  We helped them glue them together to make a heart shape.  We hung them up on a wall with the words "We Love The Holidays!"  It looked cute!

Submitted by Joyce
There Was A Man...
(Tune: BINGO)
There was a man in a big red suit and
Santa was his name-o.
S - a - n - t -a,
S - a -n - t - a,
S - a - n - t - a,  and Santa was his name-o!

Submitted by Joy
The kids loved this.  I took 2 red and 2 white pipe cleaners, twisted them and shaped like candy canes.  Glued on googly eyes.  Had  five kids at a time act this out.  Then kept switching until everyone who wanted had a turn.
Five little candy canes,
Hanging from a Christmas tree.
The first one said,
“Children really do love me.”
The second one said,
“Santa’s coming here tonight.”
The third one said,
“Christmas is such a delight.”
The fourth one said,
“Look its Santa that I see.”
The fifth one whispered,
“Santa’s resting by our tree.”
So very, very softly, the candy canes did say,
“Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday.”

Submitted by Barbara
For a quick easy gift for a child to make for anyone, I collect juice can lids and give one to each child.  FIRST put a piece of magnet tape (or if you can afford it - a small "real" magnet is great too-but that has to be glued on) on the back -flat -side of the lid.  Make sure to write their names on it in permanent marker before you begin.  Fill the lid (the side with the rim) with glue ...I use a craft stick or let them do it, to spread the glue all around. There is a small "lip" on the lid and the glue will stay in it if you don't put too much.  Then let them cover the glue with whatever..I use tiny red balls from old necklaces, or any red beads will do...mylar pieces, anything shiny.  I give them mostly red and green goodies just so that it lookes...kind of Chirstmasy...Then they shake a little (I use) multi colored glitter on to cover the bare spots... if there are any and it's done. They are sooo cute.  If you use a regular magnet, then Mom can acutely use it for a magnet that holds things on her frig.  I don't think the little magnet tape strips will hold up anything but the magnet.  I have the kids wrap them by themselves and they make a great gift -AND can be done in pink and red for Valentines Day of lots of pastel colors for Easter...lots of possibilities.

Following submitted by Mary
This is a gift idea I have used many times.  Have the children make a wreath shape with their green hand prints on white paper.  When the paint is dry add holly berries using little red tissue paper balls or small, dyed red pasta.  At the top add a loop of Christmas ribbon for hanging.  At the bottom on another piece of paper add this poem.
Here is a gift that's just for you,
It didn't cost a penny.
I checked my pockets for some coins,
But I could not find any.
So then I worked to make a gift,
It wasn't hard to do.
I made it with my little hands,
With love from me to you!

Sift the flour, mix the butter,
Roll the dough for the cookie cutter.
A white sugar star, a red Christmas bell,
A brown teddy bear with a gingery smell.
Christmas cookies taste so sweet,
They're fun to bake and good to eat!
At group time I bring props in a basket to go along with the poem: a sifter, mixing bowl and wooden spoon, rolling pin, cookie cutter, star ornament, Christmas bells, and a teddy bear. After reading the poem to the kids I let them pick a prop to hold.  When we recite the poem again the kids can stand up as they hear their "prop word."
Other times I have the props in a bag and as we recite the poem I take one prop out at a time.  When we get to the end I take out real Christmas cookies to eat. (We don't do this one everyday!)
This poem also makes a cute flannel board activity.

Submitted by Diane
Need plain, inexpensive white potholders. You need to use both of the child's hands.  Start with one and paint the four fingers with yellow paint.  Stamp them up and down near the top of the potholder.  These are the wings of the angel.  Next paint the other whole hand light blue.  Stamp the hand sideways across the potholder under the wings.  This is the body.  Next I cut a small circle from a sponge and stamp with light pink a small face near the palm.  It should now resemble an angel (maybe it will take a little imagination.)  When they dry, I add eyes, mouth, curly hair, a halo with fabric paints.  If I feel ambitious, I also add a very small pieced of gathered lace around the neck with a glue gun.  Finally, I add their name and year

Candy Canes unit ideas:
Submitted by Kathy
Candy Cane Reindeer (using either oak tag or construction paper)
Cut out a large candy cane  from white construction paper or tag board have children either paint or color in red stripes.  Use hands traced and cut out of brown construction paper for antlers cut eyes from black construction paper (use one eye shape) draw a mouth using black crayon and attach a red circle for nose
Using real candy canes
Twist a brown chenille pipe cleaner at the curve of the candy cane separate the two ends into a V-shape and twist each into the shape of a letter Z add googly eyes in front of the antlers and a red pom pom nose at the tip add a bow tie
 link and count candy canes
Can also count stripes on a candy cane cut out to match to number cards


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