Jonah and the Whale

Isn't this adorable?! Simply take a blue table loth from Dollar Tree and lay it across a table. Add paper plates for eyes with black construction paper circles for pupils and white construction paper rolled up and fringed on one side. Tape to top and add a grey foam tail and you have a great story telling prop.

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Noah's Ark Door Hanger

We used a die cut of Noah's Ark and added a strip of construction paper to make the ramp. Animal stickers marching in 2 by 2 (I only had enough stickers for each child to choose 3 pairs). Pipe cleaner rainbow stapled to the top is used to hang on a door knob.

Noah's Ark
Children colored an ark, glued it on a paper plate and then glued crepe paper rainbow hanging from the bottom

An art project that goes with our Bible verse:
"The rainbow is a promise from God." Genesis 9:13

Ruth Gathered Grain

After coloring these we went outside to pick up "grain" (cats tail in our case) just like Ruth from this week's Bible study. Our Bible memory verse is written on the outside, "God sends us autumn." Jeremiah 5:24


Sheep that go with our weekly Bible memory verse," We are the sheep of God's pasture" Psalm 100:3


We are studying Adam naming the animals so we made our own creature out of construction paper scraps and then named them. This was a lot of fun.


Red is for the blood he gave
Green is for the grass he made
Orange is for the edge of night
Yellow is for the sun so bright
Black is for the sins we made
White is for the grace he gave
Purple is for the hours of sorrow
Pink is for our new tomorrow

A bag of jellybeans colorful and sweet
Is a prayer, a promise, a special treat.

JOHN 3:16

This is from Mrs. A kindergarten class. They made the Calvary scene by finger painting yellow and red paints on construction paper. Then colored and cut out the 3 crosses and glued them down. They wrote the Bible verse: "Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world." John 1:29


These are so beautiful on our door. Fold brown construction paper in half and cut a window shape out of both sides. The children then glued two rectangles together to make a cross and covered contact paper with transparent sticker dots.




This is an accordion folded book that helps tell the story of the mustard seed parable. To make: accordion fold paper 4 times. On the bottom flap glue some brown construction paper to look like dirt and glue a mustard seed on top of the dirt. On the top flap draw and color cloud with rain as well as sunshine. On the inner two flaps draw a tree with branches. Glue on some birds perched on the branches.
Sing this song while "reading" the book:

Tune: Itsy Bitsy Spider
The itsy bitsy mustard seed was planted in the ground (Keep book folded and just show bottom flap)
Down came the raindrops falling all around.
Out came the sun as bright as bright can be (while still showing bottom flap show top flap).
Then God made the mustard seed grow to be a mighty tree. (Open entire book to show tree.

(Hope this makes sense)




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