Brown Bear I Have Who Has Game

I made this game and the kids had so much fun playing it.

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You Will Need FREE PRINTABLE - download it here:
Print on card stock the patterns titled “Brown Bear Brown Bear.”
Construction paper
Hole puncher

Putting It Together:
Cut out the wheel and mount it on colorful construction paper.
Cut out the arrow.
Laminate both for durability.
Punch a hole in the center of the spinner and at the end of the arrow.
Attach arrow to the spinner with brad.

Having Fun:
Children take turns spinning the spinner.
They identify the animal where the pointer stopped and then name the animal that follows it in the book


How Many Legs?
Using my pocket chart and my flannel board pieces we graphed the number of legs of each of the characters from the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear.

This is a discovery bottle filled with rice and small icons from the story. The child shakes the bottle to find all the characters in the story.


We sequenced the animals.

Brown bear patterning.

Matching numbers to number of dots.

We graphed our favorite Brown Bear animal.

We graphed whether or not we liked bears.


The children matched the sentence strip (green frog) to the right animal. The animal card is also used matching letter tiles to the color words.

File Folder Shadow game used for visual discrimination.

Class Book:
We use this popular book as our model to make our own version.  Each child has their own page with Mrs. Drake's as the last. We titled it "Mouse, Mouse Who Do You See?" So far the children are still laughing quite hard at my picture. LOL

"B" poster:
We talked a lot about the letter B and the /b/ sound. We then looked through magazines and cut out pictures that start with the /b/ sound then glued them on a big bear "B" poster.


Following the art work at the beginning of the book we tore construction paper into strips then glued them in chronological order. Perfect for retelling the story at home to family and friends.




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