Three Bears Play

This was the most fun of all. We reenacted the Three Bears story all week long over and over giving all the children a chance to be different characters. Wonderful project for my speech kiddos since text was predictable and they had zero anxiety. They all spoke clearly and with strong voice. Here the 3 bears are leaving their house for a walk while the porridge cools.

Props are easy to find in your classroom - 3 different size containers, 3 chairs, and for the beds I used blankets and sheets. I can't remember what web site I got the masks from. If you know please let me know so I can give credit where it is due.

Goldilocks testing Papa Bear's bed.

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We read both The Three Bears and The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett and then using a venn diagram we compared and contrast the two stories.

After reading Corduroy, we sorted buttons


We brought our teddys to school and had a week of fun classification and graphing.

Fun With Gummy Bears

We made patterns with gummy bears.

We sorted gummy bears by color. Yummy!!

Estimating how many gummy bears will fit in my hand. I know it's hard to see but each child in turn wrote his name and his guess.


Our class had our Teddy Bear Picnic today. Of course we all wore our bear ears since only bears are allowed at the picnic.

We went on a bear hunt.

We feasted on teddy bear pancakes and some teddy grahams.

Here we played Musical Chairs.

Our musical chairs game had a twist. We took away a chair a round like always but if we saw a child without a chair/seat we would call him/her over to share our chair/seat. It got crowded by the time we were down to two chairs but it was so much more fun than having a child be out.

We colored bears that fit on our straws

Part of Marvelous Matching Math Centers

This 50 page set contains 5 different games that address color matching, shape matching, one-one correspondence, numeral recognition, and counting. These games are perfect for math centers and review. Each game is meant to be made using a 1" binder. The math pages are bound using the bottom two rings. Thin Velcro strips are mounted to the top of the binder where the playing pieces are stored. Easy storage. Games can also be played as math mats.
Packet includes:
Crazy Color Matching - 10 color cards with 55 playing pieces, cover page, illustrated instructions
Simply Shape Matching - 8 shape cards with 40 playing pieces, cover page, illustrated instructions
Pumpkins on a Vine - 10 math cards with 55 playing pieces, cover page, illustrated instructions
Counting Circus Balloons - 10 math cards with 65 playing pieces, cover page, illustrated instructions
Bears in a Cave - 10 math cards with 55 playing pieces, cover page, illustrated instructions


Submitted by Jillian
1. You will need to gather one tissue box per child
 Preferrably the small boxes
 2. Cut out a small bear that will be able to go in and out of tissue box without difficulty.
3. Have children paint boxes and bears.
 If you like you can also have them glue sticks and  leaves to box to make it look more like a cave
 4. Add straw to the inside of the box when everything is   dry.
 5. Place bear inside to "hibernate" , don't forget to  write the date that the bear will wake up!
 Variation:Other animals hibernate , instead of bears you could add squirrels and frogs ect.

Submitted by Alice
What I do is we read the story first, I tell the kids we will be going on a bear hunt after rest time.  I have the children prepare a paper sack decorated however they want put their names.  During rest time, I put in honeycomb cereal, and tie them up, hide each sack outside weather permitting,  After resttime, everyone get to go on a bear hunt for the honey pot.  We talk about the story again and the children really enjoy the snack with thier milk.

Using circles of different sizes and colors of construction paper build a calico teddy bear. Children can glue smaller circles on the largest one (the
body) to represent the arms, legs/feet, head, ears, nose, mouth and eyes.

How many teddies am I
Loop side of velcor strip on wall-supply colorful teddy cutouts laminate bears & place on hook side of velcro-set bears near velcor strip-invite pairs of children to area-one child stands with back against the wall besides the velcro. Have the other child measure him/her by attaching teddies to the strip. Have the children count the number of teddies-remove the teddies & repeat with the other child.

Put different colored hats, or letters, or numbers on them.
Give each child a play dollar bill.
One at a time have them come up as they are singing this song.
Down around the corner at the Teddy Bear Shop
Were 8 teddy bears with hats on top
Along came (child's name) with a dollar to spend
he/she picked the blue one and took it on home.

A Teddy Bear
Two tiny eyes
And a little, round tummy
Two furry paws
For scooping up honey.
A soft, "snuggable" snout;
Ears that listen and care;
When you put them all together,
You have a teddy bear.

Teddy Bear Masks
A chance to role-play teddy bears will surely delight each of your youngsters. To make a teddy bear mask, cut out the center portion of a paper plate. Draw two half-circles on the center portion to represent ears, and then cut on the resulting lines. Staple or glue the ear cutouts to the outer rim of the paper plate, and paint the mask. After the paint dries, paint the inner portion of each ear pink and glue a craft stick to the bottom of the paper plate. Then, using an eyebrow pencil, draw whiskers on each child's face and a triangular shape on his nose. Have little ones hold up the masks to their faces for "bear-y" nice teddies!

Hibernation Station
This winter your youngsters will be delighted to hang out with the animals in Hibernation Station. From old magazines and workbooks, have each youngster cut out pictures of animals that hibernate in the wintertime and then mount them on trimmed pieces of construction paper. Have each child make a mobile by suspending the pictures from a hanger, using lengths of yarn or string. Hang the mobiles over the rest area in your classroom. At rest time, announce that it is time to hibernate with the animals in Hibernation Station. Imaginations will roam as the animals gently drift over your little ones.

Bear-shaped Sandwiches
For each sandwich:
2 slices of brown bread
peanut butter
3 raisins
Spread one slice of bread with peanut butter. Drizzle with honey. Top with the second slice of bread. Use a teddy bear cookie cutter to cut a bear from the center of the sandwich. Press on raisins to make eyes and nose.

Beary Good Trail Mix
For each serving of four:
1/2 cup raisins
1/2 cup peanuts
1/2 cup mini chocolate chips
1/2 cup sunflower seeds (shelled)
Let your child measure and stir the ingredients. Divide the mix into four servings and place in plastic bags. Carry the trail mix on a "bear hunt" hike. Hide a teddy bear in one of the trees on the hike.

One fine day in the woods I saw (hand over your eyes)
A bear in a honey tree licking his paw (pretend to lick your hand)
A bee buzzed by (use pointer finger to be the bee flying)
And what do you suppose? (put your hands out to side as if to say you
have no idea)
The bee stung the bear on the tip of his nose (fly bee to your nose)
"Ouch!" (hands on hips)
Said the bear as he slid down the tree (pretend to slide down the
I do like the honey but I don't like the bees. (shaking your finger)

I do a cute Teddy Bear Day with "Boo Boo Band-aid Bear"..for part of safety week. The craft is so cute!
In circle we talk about the dangers of standing in a chair (in this case it is a rocking chair). My poem goes like this:
"Silly little Teddy Bear
 Stood up in a rocking chair
Now he has to stay in bed
With a band-aid on his head!"

Craft: Cut 12" bear shapes or to fit on 1/2 sheet construction paper
         Draw a rectangle (the bed) on the paper
        Cut squares of cloth to cover most of the bear ( his blanket)
        Enough band-aids to match # of bears (let children unwrap)
Have children glue bear onto bed, add cloth blankets and a band-aid for his forehead. The children love this. I bring in my child-size rocker and actually demonstrate the bear falling out of the chair.

Submitted by Peg
Tune: A Sailor Went to Sea
Let me sing you a song about a bear, bear, bear
He had nothing to wear, wear, wear.
So he did growl
With a great big scowl
And he grew himself a coat of hair.

Once there was a little bear who was sleeping in his bed in his nice dark
"Have a little sleep bear, sleep bear, sleep bear.
Have a little sleep bear, sleep bear, sleep."
The next day the sun came out and the bear woke up and stretched.
"Have a little stretch bear, stretch bear, stretch bear.
Have a little stretch bear, stretch bear, stretch."
And since it was a very sunny day the bear decided to go for a walk.
"Have a little walk bear,."
But this was a very active little bear and soon he became bored with walking
and began to run.
"Have a little run bear,."
And after all that running he was hot and sweaty.  Before him was a big cool
lake, so what do you think he did?  Yes!  He jumped right in and swam!
"Have a little swim bear,."
And after he swam a little while he climbed out of the water and he was all
drippy wet.  And do you know how bears dry themselves off when they are wet?
  Yes, they shake!
"Have a little shake bear,."
And after all that shaking he looked up and saw a taaall tree. You know how
bears love to climb!
"Have a little climb bear,."
And when he got to the top do you know what he saw?  Some golden, sweet,
delicious HONEY!  And you know how much bears love honey!
"Have a little taste bear,."
But you know wherever there is honey there are honeybees.  And those bees
did not like that bear messing with their honey.  Do you know what bees do
when they are angry?  That right they sting!
"Have a little sting bee,."
The bear cried out, "OUCH!"     (sing fast and frantic)
"Have a little climb bear, climb bear, climb.
Have a little swim bear, swim bear, swim.
Have a little shake bear, shake bear, shake.
Have a little run bear, run bear, run.
Have a little walk bear, walk bear, walk."
And the bear reached his cave and called out to his Mommy, "Mommy, Mommy!  I
went for a walk, and a run, and a swim, and I shook off, and then I climbed
a tree, and I found some honey, and it tasted good.  But the bees got mad
and one stung me on the nose!"  And his mommy said,
"Awww!  Have a little hug bear, hug bear, hug bear.
  Have a little hug bear, hug bear, hug."

Submitted by Debbie
We all know this song.  But I've revised it a bit and we act it out when
we are singing it.  Here's what we do:  I set up large wooden blocks so
the children can "safely" climb up the Mountain.  One child(as the bear)
starts at the foot of the mountain and as we sing the following, the
"bear" climbs up to the top.

    The Bear Went Up the Mountain
    The Bear Went Up the Mountain
    The Bear Went Up the Mountain
    To see what he/she could see.

When the bear reaches the top we sing:

    Now tell us what you see!
    Now tell us what you see!

The bear then looks around and either uses his/her imagination or
chooses something he/she sees in our room and tells us what he/she sees.

Then we sing about it as the bear climbs down from the mountain.

    The bear sees a "rabbit"
    The bear sees a "rabbit"
    The bear sees a "rabbit"
    And that is what he/she sees.

We have alot of fun with this song!

We took a paper lunch bag rolled the top down. This was the cave. The boys and girls cut free hand rocks to paste on the bag. I had a bear they cut out and colored, glued to a popcicle stick. I cut a slit in the bottom of the bag and then the bear could go in and out of his cave

Hi everyone, This year for hibernation I am doing an activity from Mailbox a
few years ago.  We will talk about animals that have fur grow thic er,
more protective cost to insulate them from the cold winter temperatures.
Just like animals, people need to bundle up for winter too.  After reading
the following poem, each child will draw and color a picture of an animal in
its winter coat.  A day or two before I will take a picture of each child
wearing his winter garb.  We will put the picture next to their drawing and
write "The bear has a ----------- coat, Kevin has a ----------- coat.

The fluffy red fox has a warm winter coat
I can wear a red coat too!
The fluffy red fox needs a warm winter coat
Just like me and you

The frisky gray squirrel has a warm winter coat
I can wear a gray coat too!
The frisky gray squirrel needs a warm winter coat,
Just like me and you

The old brown groundhog has a warm winter coat
I can wear a brown coat, too
The old brown groundhog needs a warm  winter coat
Just like me and you!

(sung to Alouette)
Hibernation.  Time for Hibernation.
Hibernation.  Time to go to sleep.

In the winter where's the bear?
Sleeping in its log or lair.
Where's the bear?  Log or lair.  OH!

In the winter where's the frog?
Sleeping by a pond or log.

In the winter where's the snake?
In the mud beneath the lake.

In the winter where's the bat?
In a cave is where its at.

Submitted by Marilyn
Here are some books that I read to my 3's when introducing Hibernation.
Every Autumn Comes the Bear                Jim Arnosky
Time to Sleep                                         Denise Fleming
Animals in Winter                                  591.54
Sleepy Bear                                           Lydia Dobcovich

I talk to the children about how we stay warm compared to how animals stay warm.  I bring in a box of warm clothing (ear muffs, scarf, mittens, boots, sweater, jacket) and I put them on one by one.  The children love this.  I talk about how warm and toasty I am, but how do the animals stay warm.  We discuss their coats, where they live, how they live and that some animals sleep for long periods of time to stay away from the winter snows.

For art, I give each child a small, square empty tissue box.  They can paint that black, or gray. The next time we meet, I give them cotton balls, and the pull away cotton material to glue onto the boxes (bear caves).  Then I purchase different sizes of brown, black pom-poms for them to glue inside the box caves. They also have leaves, twigs that they glue on the box bottom.  These are our hibernating bears!
I then display them in the hallway with a sign on the wall that says: Shhhhhhhhhh....bears sleeping!

On another day, I send a letter home, asking the child to bring in a favorite teddy (or other animal) for the next time we meet in class.  When they come into school, I have a dark army blanket draped over one of the tables now placed on a back rug.  The children each take turns placing their teddy bears into our "table cave".  We pretend that the bears are hibernating for about 1 week.  They really enjoy this and keep going to the table to peek inside our "table cave" area.

For snack idea - we have hot chocolate and teddy grahams for snack.

If you are doing bears and winter, you could use a cool whip or butter tub for the den. Use the counting bears and have your children put the bear on the den, under the den and beside the den.  Turn the tub on the side and put the bear in the den.  I had my children draw a picture of a den and then gave them a sticker of a bear and they had to tell me where they were placing the bear (on, over, under, beside, to the left, or to the right of the den). I had a sentence at the bottom and filled the position word in after they told me. The sentence was "The bear is __________ the den

Submitted by Wendy
Here Comes the Bear!
Here Comes the bear!
All you people beware!
the stair,
Comes my lumpy-plumpty teddy bear!
by Carol Phillips

There was an old bear who lived down the hill.
If I'm not mistaken, he's living there still.
If you knock on his door, there under the tree,
He'll very politely ask you in for tea.
by Carol Phillips

This little bear rides a red bike.
This little bear plays a kazoo.
This little bear rides a pony.
This little bear tries it too.
And this little bear shouts,
"Hooray for Circus Day
At the zoo-zoo-zoo!"
by Carol Phillips

Bears like honey
That comes from bees.
Bears like to nap
Under shady trees.
Bears can be cuddly,
Or big and mean.
My little Teddy Bear
Is the cuttest I've sen.
He's by my side
when I'm happy or blue,
Here's to my Teddy Bear-
"I love you!"
by Angel A. Nettles

Ten little bears feeling just fine.
One feel asleep and then there were nine.
Nine little bears going through a gate,
One was too fat, and then there were eight.
Eight little bears looking up to heaven.
One went home and then there were seven.
Seven little bears climbing over some sticks,
One fell off, and then there were six.
Six little bears going to a beehive,
One stoppoed to rest, then there were five.
Five little bears walking through a door,
One turned back and then there were four.
Four little bears saw a pretty tree.
One stopped to play and then there were three.
Three little bears looking for something to do,
One went swimming and then there were two.
Two little bears playing under the sun,
One got hot and then there was one.
One little bear when the day was done,
Decided to go to bed and then there was none.

One little bear, lonely and blue,
Met a good friend, then there were two.
Two little bears, happy as could be,
another joined in and that made three.=
Three little bears, looking for more,
Came across another, that made four.
Four little bears headed to a hive,
Found a bear there and that made five.
Five little bears while the day is sunny,
Eating from a bee's hive sweet golden honey.

Submitted By Wendy
Make A Bear.
Materials Needed:   Bear body, arms and Legs, paper fasteners, crayons to color  in face.  Books with pictures of bears.
Procedure:  Show the children pictures of bears if you have them.  Ask the children the    name of the animal.  What letter does bear start with?  Where does a bear live?  What    does a bear eat?  How big is a bear?  What does a bear sound like?  Have any children    seen a real bear?  Can they pretend to walk and growl like a bear? Tell the children about    hibernation.  What does it mean when we say a bear hibernates?  The children can pretend    to be bears.  He crawls into a cave to hibernate.  He sleeps all winter long.  He wakes up in    spring and walks around, growls and eats.
    Tell the children they are going to make a bear to take home.  Pass out the bear bodies.  Have    them color in the faces on the bears if you wish.  Some may want to color the body, too.  Pass    out the arms and attach them to the body.  Pass out the legs and attach them to the body with paper fasteners.

A Bear Hunt
We are going on a bear hunt.
You can come along.
Let's walk. (Slap hands on thighs at a walking rhythm.)
There's a log ahead.
Let's run and jump over it.  (Slap hands in running rhythm and pause as you
"jump" the log.
Then walking rhythm again.)
We're coming to a hill.
It's a steep hill.
We'll have to walk up the hill slowly. (Hit hands on thighs slowly and make
sound of heavy breathing.)
Phew!  we're at the top.
Let's look around.  (Put hand eyes and look around.)
Let's go on everyone.
Run down the hill.  (Hit hands on thighs in running rhythm.)
There's a river...but no bridge.
We'll have to swim across to the other side.  (Make swimming motions with
Quiet ...shhh!  Woods ahead.
Walk very quietly in the woods.  (Hit hands on thighs slowly and quietly.)
(Shout), "It's a bear!  Yikes!  Let's get out of Here!"

Do all the actions backwards very quickly.
Swim the river
Run up the hill
Run down the hill
Jump the log
Run until you get home at last.
Breathe a sigh of relief.
That's the end of the bear hunt.

Submitted by Krista
Teddy Bear Hat
Need: a picture of a teddy bear head, Brown construction paper, Crayons, Glue, and Scissors.

Directions: Have the children color a picture of a teddy bear head. About the size of a 8 x 11 page. Then cut strip out of brown construction paper. Make headbands out of the strips. (Either use glue or Tape, remember no stapes near a child's head.) Cut out the teddy bear head and glue it to the front of the headband. Now the children can be teddy bears too!

Paper Plate Teddy Bears
Need: Brown paint, paper plates, Scissors, Crayons, Red and Brown constructing paper, Brown yarn, Glue, and a Black pom pom.
Directions: Let the Children paint a paper plate brown. Give then a chose of light, medium and dark drown. When they are dry they can add construction paper ears, eyes and bow tie (or hair bow). Let the children glue on some brown yarn hair for texture. Draw a mouth and put on a pom pom nose.

You are my Teddy Bear
Sung to: "You Are My Sunshine"
You are my teddy bear
My only teddy bear
You make me smile dear
You are my friend
You'll never know dear
How much I like you
I'm so glad you're my
Teddy Bear today.

Submitted by Diane
Hi everyone, This year for hibernation I am doing an activity from Mailbox a few years ago.  We will talk about animals that have fur grow thicker, more protective cost to insulate them from the cold winter temperatures.  Just like animals, people need to bundle up for winter too.  After reading the following poem, each child will draw and color a picture of an animal in its winter coat.  A day or two before I will take a picture of each child wearing his winter garb.  We will put the picture next to their drawing and write "The bear has a ----------- coat, Kevin has a ----------- coat.

The fluffy red fox has a warm winter coat
I can wear a red coat too!
The fluffy red fox needs a warm winter coat
Just like me and you
The frisky gray squirrel has a warm winter coat
I can wear a gray coat too!
The frisky gray squirrel needs a warm winter coat,
Just like me and you
The old brown groundhog has a warm winter coat
I can wear a brown coat, too
The old brown groundhog needs a warm  winter coat
Just like me and you!

A cute action poem:
Winter is cold                          Hug yourself and shiver
There is snow in the sky           Flutter fingers above your head
The squirrel gathers nuts          Pretend  to gather nuts
And the wild geese fly              Flap arms

The fluffy red fox                      Cup hands over head to form ears
Has his fur to keep warm        Stroke arms as if stroking fur
The bear's in her cave              Form a cave shape with your arms
Sleeping all through the storm  Fold hands under cheek and pretend to sleep

The kids are bringing in empty boxes (tissue, oatmeal, etc) and will make bear caves, beaver lodges, fox dens or squirrel dreys.  As looped, I will drape a sheet over some chairs and hide raisins and cheerios around the room for the children to find and store in their caves...very cute.   Plan to end this lesson  with a pajama day when we will bundle up in comforters, pillows, slippers and have some fun as children.

Submitted by Jan
Here is a easy flannel board song to use with your children.
Teddy Wore His Red Shirt
You need ;
a Teddy Bear (I glued on wiggly eyes)
a red shirt
blue pants
white socks
green shoes
yellow hat (I glued on a yellow pom-pom)

(Sing to the tune of Mary Wore Her Red Dress)
Teddy wore his red shirt,red shirt, red shirt,
Teddy wore his red shirt all day long.
Teddy wore his blue pants, blue pants, blue pants,
Teddy wore his blue pants all day long.
(Continue adding one piece of clothing to
Teddy at a time and sing about it.)

Tune: Mary Had a Little Lamb
Grizzly bears are big and brown.
Big and brown, big and brown.
Grizzly bears are big and brown.
And live in the woods.
Polar bears are soft and white.
Soft and white, soft and white.
Polar bears are soft and white.
And live were it is cold.
Panda bears are black and white,
Black and white, black and white
Panda bears are black and white.
And live in the jungle.
Teddy bears are just my size.
Just my size, just my size.
Teddy bears are just my size.
To cuddle up with at night.

The Dancing Bear
Tune: Bingo
There was a bear who loved to dance.
And Teddy was his name.
Left foot, tap, tap, tap.
Right foot, tap, tap, tap.
Both paws, clap, clap, clap.
And Teddy was his name.
There was bear who loved to dance.
And Teddy was his name.
Turn, turn, all around.
Bend and touch, touch the ground.
Jump, jump, up and down.
And Teddy was his name.

Horns and Fangs
Tune: Head and Shoulders
Horns and fangs,
Knees and claws.
Knees and claws.
Knees and claws.
Horns and fangs.
Knees and claws.
Eyes, ears, tail, and paws.

Submitted by margie
"Bear feet painting"
Feet paint w/children...
Set up a large piece of butcher paper for them to walk around on.  When it dries, cut it up into wavy "borders" and border your bulletin boards w/the children's prints.  (can do the same w/hand prints, of course).
SONG: The Bear Went Over the Mountain
Purpose:  To help the children remember their friends names.
The Bear went over the Mountain (repeat 2 more times)
To See WHO he could see.
Sarah was who he saw, Sarah was who he saw
On the other side of the mountain (repeat 2 more times)
Sarah was who he saw.

 Bear Rap
Submitted by Sandy
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Hey there, Big Bear,
What d'you like for breakfast?
Cornflakes, rice cakes,
Weetabix or what?
Hey there, Mamma Bear,
What d'you like to sit in?
Arm chair, deck chair,
Rocking chair or what?
Hey there, Baby Bear,
What d'you like to sleep in?
Bath tub, coal bin'
Flower bed or what?

Hey there, three Bears!
What do you think of Goldilocks?


Submitted by Marilyn
Tucker and the bear    Jane Chambless
Animals in Winter   H. Bancroft
Every Autumn Comes the Bear   Jim Arnosky
The Mitten    jan Brett
Time to Sleep   Denise Fleming

I have saved the small, square tissue boxes and each child will create their own bear's den (cave) by painting the box, putting grass, sticks, stones, to be glued inside and then brown and tan pom-poms to represent the bear sleeping in his cave.  I have a larger box that the children will work on cooperatively to represent the bears den/cave and we will place a larger teddy bear inside to hibernate throughout the entire winter.  We will take him out in Springtime.

Title: Bears Song/Game
Submitted by Sara
Make a circle of 6-10 children. One child has to be in the center of the circle, who is the bear sleeping in a cave, and had to cover her eyes. The circle of  children moves around the bear while singing "The Bear Song". At the end of the song the group jumps while counting from 1 to 5, and say Wake up bear". and the bear has to catch one of the children.
The Bear is sleeping (2)
Maybe he will get you(2)
on the count of 5 (2)
1,2,3,4,5, Wake up bear, come out of your cave.

Submitted by Kay
We have a classroom bear that we pack up in a box and all of my five year olds say something to it like "Have a nice rest, " etc. then on the outside of the box we write-SHH, Bear in hibernation! Then on the first day of spring the kids can hardly wait to wake the bear up! Have fun with this unit.

Submitted by Terri
1.  Twin Bears:  I cut a shirt or dress and a hat, shoes, or bow out of different types of material.  I glued on set of clothes on a teddy bear cutout and laminated it.  I then laminated the other pieces of clothing individually.  I covered a shoe box with wood looking contact paper and put the bears inside.  I then used clothespins to pin th indiv. clothing pieces to the edge of the box.  The object is for the children to find one bear that is completely dressed and find the clothes to make another bear look just like the other one.  They have to unpin the clothes from the box and then replace it when they are finished.

2. 1:1 corresp.:  I cut out 10 honey pot patterns.  I then glued black dots on each (1-10 dots).  I covered an oatmeal with wood looking contact paper and then cut a small hole in the can.  this is supposed to be the tree.  The object is for the children to take a honey pot, put one teddy bear counter on each dot and then climb the teddy bears up the tree and into the hole.  You could also simply put the number on the honey pot for older children.

Title: Bears
Submitted by Betty of the K.O.S. Loop
Trace bear outlines on to good , all white paper towels with a washable BLACK marker.  Have the children use water and a brush and soak the black line (good, fine motor)...since black is made up of several colors, it will "bleed" out from the line.  It is facinating to the children....there's some science in there, too!!!....
Area: Fine Motor
Also, we always finger paint with chocolate pudding on our second day and fill in the center of a bear outline..of course, we have already read"Corduroy"!!!  After these dry for a day, we rub a white piece of copy paper with a green crayon over a corrogated board (light bulb packaging).  We talk and feel real samples of corduroy fabric and make overalls out of our rubbings.  Don't forget to add a pocket and buttons after you have read "Pocket for Corduroy"!

Title: Furry Bear paint
Submitted by Michelle
Flour, slat, water, Tempura paint
Mix equal amounts of flour, salt, and the water. Add liquid tempura paint for color. Pour into squeeze bottles.
Cut bear shapes out of brown construction paper. Let the children paint with the puffy paint by squeezing the paint out of the bottles. The paint will harden into a puffy shape.

Title: Furry Sewing Cards
Cut strudy teddy bear shapes out of card stock. If age appropriate let children punch holes along the edge. The let them glu small pieces of fur on their sewing card. This will make it feel good while they sew. Give each a string of yarn and let them lace. (Hint: Tie a Fruit Loop or Cherrios to one end - the yarn will not slip through as sewong. Use bobby pin for needle)

Title: Ouchy Bear
What if your bear got hurt or sick? Set up a doctor table just for doctoring bears. Make sure there are plenty of bandaids, wraps, cold compresses, guauze pads, tape, play injections, stethescope, ear looker, tongue depressors, and rubber gloves. You would be amazed at all the stuff hospitals will give you if it's for education. The children will spend a lot of timje at this table so have lots of stuff.


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