No Prep!
11 Pages of rhyming words. Simply print the cards and you have a fun center ready for the next school day.
Adaptable for all levels. Children can use a marker to draw a line between the rhyming pictures or use the included duplicates pictures to match.

Get yours here.

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Spin the spinner identify the upper case letter and match it to the lower case letter.

Spin the spinner, identify the letter's sound and match it to the picture that starts with that sound.

Get it here.

Interactive Big Books

Children will delight in this new and innovative way to interact with a big book. Literacy skills are developed as children move the letters from one story scene to the picture that starts with the letter sound while singing the familiar tune. These books are also a great resource for teaching English as a second language. Anyone can use these books to help children learn to read.
This book targets: Beginning Sounds, Literacy.
Children move the corresponding letter to the appropriate picture as they sing along to the familiar tune. This book encourages literacy, phonics, and language. Tune : The Wheels on the Bus. Get your book here.


This is a large decorative clothespin I found at Michael's. The alligator is clip art I found online and then shrunk in size. You want to find an alligator that is facing to the side and has a mouth that will look good open. Cut your alligator apart at the mouth and glue (I used EC600) the top mouth to the top of the clothespin and the bottom on the bottom. The top picture above is the alligator, cut apart and glued on the clothespin.
I then cut small rectangles and programmed them with letters and ticky tac them to the back so they can be changed. Alligator opens moth and child identifies letter, sound, or work beginning with sound.

Say this poem:
Mr. Alligator, Mr. Alligator
Munch, munch, munch.
What letter did you eat for your lunch?

This Bear Has Action Words Book

Another super favorite book of my class. Great book to introduce verbs. Download your free book here. (Must be unzipped)

Mr. Sound, Mr Sound What Do You Hear? Book

Another resource to help your kiddos learn and review their phonics. Perfect for your phonemic awareness program. "Mr. /b/, Mr. /b/ what do you hear? I hear the sound in ball. That's what I hear." (Book includes sounds for both long and short vowels. Note that /ks/ (x sound) is ending sound.)
Download your book here free.


ABCs and 10 Frame sheets to go in Zip-It Baggies. Fun and super simple game! Hefty Zip Lock Storage bags needed. Slip papers into zip lock baggies./ Call out a number or letter and children move the "zipper" on the baggie to the matching 10 frame or letter. GET YOUR FREE ZIP-ITS HERE.


Filled with my interactive Big Books I attached two small containers on each side. One container has high lighter tape, wikki sticks, and high lighters. Children highlight or circle letters. And the other container contains pencils, markers, paper and plastic glasses. Children read through the books writing their sight words.


Learning about numbers is a preschooler's first step toward becoming a budding young mathematician.
One of the main benefits of learning phonics is that it teaches children to decipher words on their own, which means they ultimately need less help with reading.

This game is one of my class's favorites. They take a deep breath and try to read a column of numbers before their breath runs out. OK my pre-K class doesn't really understand using 1 breath but they try so hard they really do learn their numbers quickly. Kit includes One Breath cards for numbers 0-10, numbers 0-20, upper case and lower case letters. Get yours here.



I have so many of these rocks left over from my daughter's wedding reception decorations that when I saw this idea on Fairy Dust Teaching I had to make a set. I think my kids will have a good time with these. They are so soothing to hold


There are two sets of spoons used here- white spoons and clear spoons. The white spoons have the upper case letter and the clear spoons have the lower case letters. The children match the spoons and when they do they can see both letters. This picture doesn't show the lower case letters on the clear spoons too well.


Saw this idea on Pinterest to go with the book A My Name is Alice and this is my class' results . The children cut and drew faces on their pictures and then dictated what they liked that started with the first letter of their name (OK lotsa help was needed here). But I think they turned out really cute.

I recently attended a Dr. Jean conference and learned so much! One of the stories she told was "The Alphagator" which targets print awareness, listening skills and alphabet knowledge. She gave me permission to put the story into a Power Point and offer it FREE to everyone. I hope you enjoy it. Download it here.


I saw something similar on Pinterest and had to make my own. They are drawn face glued to a fly swatter. Cut out a rectangle for isolating letters. Add googly eyes, ribbon etc. I think they turned out pretty cute.

Student using Lenny Letter to isolate a letter and/or sight word.

We used playdoh to make letters. The kids had a great time with this.


Each red spot on this board has a picture. I call out a word and they swat the spot that has the rhyming word in it.


This is our ABC line. Use string and paper clips to put up letters. I change them from upper to lower often. Daily the children choose one letter from the basket and match upper to lower, or lower to upper, say letter's name, sound and a word that starts or ends with the sound. This picture was taken on the first day I put up the uppercase letters for matching. Once we matched all lower to upper I switched and put all lower on the line and then we matched upper to lower etc.

Use precut shapes to program upper and lower case letters. Use to put in ABC order or match upper/lower case.

This is a page from Dottie Zimmermann's ABC and La La Land Alphabet Song books. I blew it up and had the children use wikki sticks to find the target letter. You can order her full color alphabet books here


After we read the"R" book all week and worked on the poster on the right as a whole group then I gave each child their own book to highlight all the "r's". Then we colored our books. These alphabet books have their own tune, come fully colored and b/w.You can get them from here.



ABC Sensory Table


Matching upper to upper using an ABC arch. Download one here free.

Writing letters in shaving cream

Putting letter tiles in ABC order

Sorting magnetic letters by lines vs. curves

Using gel boards to write our letters

Our classroom ABC magnetic board.

These black line"roadway" letters can be downloaded off of Dr. Jean's site. Matchbox cars drive along the path.




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