100 Day Cape

I went to Dollar Tree and bought plastic tablecloths. I cut them into rectangles (I got 6 out of one tablecloth) and sent them home with each child in my classs. They decorate their super cape with 100 items and wear it to school on our 100th day. Above is my cape. The name of my class plus all the studnets names add up to 100 letters!
I got this cute idea from Mrs. Miner's Monkey Business. Pop over there for pictures of her student's capes plus a letter to send home with each student's cape.

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Using a Q-tip each child painted 100 dots on his gumball machine

100th Day Stepping Chant - FREE DOWNLOAD

Math and language skills develop through thematic rhymes and large motor skills.
Dolch Sight Words: here, we, go, be, what, are, you, do, & it.
Tape chants to floor and use as a center or transition from one activity to another.
Children jump from footprints to footprints as they excitedly read the poem.

Our door decoration for our 100th day celebration

Cupcakes for 100 days celebration

This is the cutest idea - Mrs. A kindergarten dressed up like old people.

We all wore a crown with the number 100 on it.

The kindergartners celebrate the day after, 101 days, by dressing up as Dalmatian dogs.

This crown is being worn by an elementary student. On the bands there are 100 words.

We use a 100 piece puzzle to count down till 100 days of school




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